Now pay your BRTA fees online!

Dealing with vehicle taxes can be cumbersome. You have to go a bank; stand in line for hours on a regular day for your turn, making the whole process stressful. Now you can avoid all that and pay all your regular BRTA vehicle taxes and license fees with a few taps from your phone. Keep reading to find out how.

Paying your fees online

You can now pay BRTA fees by using the Bkash app by their BRTA portal. Car and motorcycle owners, sellers, and drivers can apply for various services upon payment from the portal. So far, the services available are:

  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Digital Registration Certificate
  • Driving License Issue & Renewal
  • Motorization Fitness Issue & Renewal
  • Tax Token Issue & Renewal
  • Route Permit Issue & Renewal

These services are only available from Bkash only at the moment as it is currently the only official partner of BRTA.

Some terms and condition to keep in mind

To have BRTA portal services available, you just need to be registered to the BRTA service portal. If not registered, you can easily make an account at the BRTA website and then link it with your Bkash account. Another thing to keep in mind is that there will be an additional 1.5% charge on the total gross amount you will pay. Once everything is set and done, you can start paying your yearly taxes at ease and have your papers delivered at your doorstep.