Words : Navid Hossain ; Photography : Courtesy

Creative Minded BD is the largest female biker group in Bangladesh, led by Razia Sultana Lina a.k.a RS Lina. On October 29th Creative Minded BD decided went out for a tour. The Destination was Rangamati Hill Tracks. 12 Female bikers, including RS Lina, Sadia Yeasmin Menal and ten other, started their ride at around 5:30 a.m from Dhaka to Rangamati on October 29th.

“Every three or four months everyone in Creative Minded BD organizes tours like these. These tours happen over there on a regular basis. The tours are both long and short.” Told Lina while discussing about the tour.

“The idea of an only female biker group going out on tour came to me a while back. I am someone who loves to travel. Going on tours like this make happy. I feel free. Now, back in 2016 I joined a group. But it was mostly a male administered group. It’s not like there wasn’t any female groups, no, there was one, but not as active as the male ones.  Around that time went out on a ride with a group. At that point it felt like guys just could not accept girls riding bikes.

Then there is always this strange competitiveness, it’s like they are constantly trying to ahead of us. It doesn’t really make sense but, it exists. Now, the scooters we have, it’s speed doesn’t reach up to the bikes that guys ride. They ride 150 cc bikes. Because we can’t reach up to them they feel like we are some sort of a burden to them. They always frown upon the fact that we tagged along and now they feel like we are dragging them behind.

Being fed up of facing these treatments, we decided it was not enough with just social working. We could arrange tours like this on our own and it will be female exclusive tours. From that the idea of only female tours came to be.”

For tours, short and long alike, the preferred bike is Yamaha Street Rally Ray ZR. Lina rides the same bike herself. This Rangamati tour was really challenging for Creative Minded BD. Firstly going into the highway, then going up hilly tracks, then maintaining all the female bikers. This time around four new members joined the tour.

“You should join one of our tours and see for yourself how challenging it get’s leading a female biker group to these tours” said Lina.  They went to the Bhatiari lake, then from there they went to Raozan. The road from Bhatiari Lake to Raozan to Rangamati has a phenomenal view. After that they reached Rangamati late in the evening, so they didn’t go out that day. They stayed over at Hotel Rajmohol International.

“We planned what we will do tomorrow over dinner. In comparison to the new riders we were more energetic, I even told them our age differs yet we are the more energetic ones” Lina, while laughing.

“We arranged a boat ride the next morning, we went to Shuvolong and all the notable places in Rangamati. Saw all the waterfalls, we even went to Polwell Park. We roamed around, saw the rain. The weather was phenomenal, the whole lake was covered in fog. I cannot describe this feeling with mere words. But thankfully we got down and waited at a restaurant for lunch. Then once everything settled down we went on with our tour. We even got to witness a twilight even” described Lina.

“Overall this experience simply amazing”