Why motorbikes play an important role in commuting during this pandemic

As common as it was pre pandemic, commuting with motorbikes has been on a rapid rise even during challenging times like this. Thus, let us explore why commuting with bikes has been the norm.

Why bikes?

Going out during a pandemic is unsafe but if there is no choice, social distancing rules and regulations have to be maintained if you have to go out. To do that and to go from point  A to point B the fastest way possible, motorcycles are the best vehicle that can do both. Motorcycles have a sitting capacity of two people so even if you would want to carry an extra person, it can be done.

Bikes as public transport

“Usage of bikes makes sure you stay out of big crowds.”

If you don’t have any personal vehicle but you still have to commute, the best way to stay safe is by avoiding buses and cars but through the use of bikes from ride sharing services. Even though buses have been out on the road for some time now, it’s best to avoid those as there could be a crowd in it. The usage of bikes makes sure you stay out of big crowds and overall, it is a safer medium as it’s just you and the rider. But to ensure the safety of both people, the use of a mask and hand sanitizer is a must.