An insightful conversation with Nazeem  A. Choudhury – an automobile enthusiast, a doer, co-founder of Vroom Service Limited.  A constant effort is being made in order to establish Vroom as a trustworthy 360˚ online platform for vehicles

  1. How VROOM started? Please, tell us about VROOM.

Vroom was born when the co-founders were in search of clues about what can be done besides their regular 9 to 5 jobs. Although, Vroom co-founders are all professionals and establish Vroom co-founders are all professionals and established in their respective careers/businesses. All of a sudden while discussing the possible business areas- the automobile sector came up to be the least ventured out in Bangladesh.

This sector has not seen much digitization or any qualitative growth ever. Sporadic auto enthusiasts have set-up quality workshops here and there and that is it. Based on that discussion and after some market research Vroom was born.

The core objective was to build a trust-worthy platform where any and every auto-related products and services can be found. Have a look at our platform at www.vroom.com.bd and you will find everything.

  1. Tell us something about yourself.

Nazeem A. Choudhury – popularly known as NAC amongst friends and colleagues – is the co-founder of Vroom Services Limited. Vroom started its journey in late 2017 and was the first home-detailing online company of the country. NAC started his career with Beximco Pharmaceuticals and up until his entrepreneurial journey started, he worked with Eastern Bank Limited as their Consumer & Retail Banking head. He is an MBA from IBA, Dhaka University and now involved in a couple of start-up businesses along with consultancy works with various international companies. He is married and the father of a son.

  1. What are the services available in VROOM?

Vroom is a 360˚ online platform for vehicles. If you consider yourself as a customer, your journey starts from buying a car then maintenance and ends with selling it. We have planned to be at every step of that customer journey.

Below are the services that we offer now:

  1. Buy/Sell Listing
  2. Pre-Purchase Inspection
  3. Ownership Transfer Assistance
  4. Auto Insurance
  5. Auto Loan Sourcing
  6. Parts & Accessories Bazar
  7. Online Workshop Booking
  8. Home Service on Servicing
  9. Emergency Maintenance
  10. Fleet Management Service &

11.Vehicle Tracking

There are five types of users or beneficiaries of the Automobile sector in Bangladesh. Vehicle Buyers, Vehicle Sellers, Vehicle Owners, Auto Parts Sellers & Corporates – we have scanned them all and now offer every kind of solution each of these segments need through our online platform.

  1. What is the Fleet Management Software? How are you implementing it?

Fleet Management Solution is a relatively new concept for the Bangladesh market. All companies have vehicles; and mostly are managed manually. Mostly excel and paper based systems. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for a company to know the per kilometer running cost of a particular vehicle and optimize its overall efficiency. What we have done is that we built-in all the information in a single database and designed it in such a way that a transport manager can see the status of the vehicle at a single click. All maintenance data, driver data, expense data, user data – all at once. The companies can manage the pool cars and its bookings through app. They can even e-tender amongst their enlisted workshops and award the job digitally. For the same job that companies do with multiple headcounts and hundreds of pages – we can do it with one person and in a paperless way. It took us almost 2 years to develop the whole system; but it was totally worth it. Our clients are loving the features. We have kept developing the system at the same time based on the client feedback.

  1. How do you think the customers are beneficial in terms of VROOM?

If I am to point to a single problem of the automobile industry in Bangladesh – then I would say it is “trust”. Vehicle owners don’t trust workshops, parts sellers. Many dodgy sellers try to rip off clients whenever possible. Workshops do not have standardized SOP or service. Very few have the latest tech know-how. There is no formal training or development program for the mechanics. Quality is always in question with so many variations of the same product. In one word – the word trust has no meaning in this industry.

Vroom wants to be that “trustworthy” solution provider in the market. We work with verified partners, workshops and sellers so that customers get what they are paying for. We want to be the one stop concierge for a vehicle owner. For any of his or her vehicle needs – he or she should call us first and we will be there with a bouquet of services to help. We don’t want to sell only; we want to create a value for the customer. Vehicle is a long-term asset and it needs long term relationship management.

  1. What kind of challenges do you have to incur?

Well, challenges are everywhere and in every industry. We are not different. But as a whole, if I may say, the industry lacks standardization. It makes your life difficult when you look out for partners that match your concept. A lot of things need to be improved here. It’s time the industry should grow qualitatively.

  1. How do you deal with user acceptance of VROOM in Bangladesh’s perspective?

Customers are yet to fully embrace the idea of an online vehicle service platform. We are pretty much offline in this sector. But I am hopeful that like other sectors where digitization has been embraced by the customers, here will be the same. But at the same time, we need to get out of the Facebook centric business models. Proper e-commerce and e-service solutions need to grow.

  1. What are the future plans for VROOM?

We are a start-up. Right now our only objective is to scale our business by providing services to the mass. We are geographically serving the Dhaka market, but we would like to go beyond Dhaka in future. We are actively looking for Angel or Seed Investors to be part of our expansion journey. Other than service standardization, there is a huge scope of work with upskilling and reskilling of the workforce involved in this sector. We want to contribute to that segment also. We want to bring a smile to every vehicle owner’s face. He/she should feel that every taka spent at Vroom is 100% realized through service. Just that.