Vespas and Gentlemen in Pizzazz Gentleman’s Ride by Vespa Club Bangladesh

Words: Tahnic Murshed, ( Photography: Courtesy )

To someone not accustomed or attuned to such culture, except me, the fascination for these Italian scooters is quite fascinating. The Vespa Club Bangladesh believes that all Vespas have rigor and a heart. They’re a group of like-minded people who share the mutual feeling of loving to slip through the streets with their two-wheelers. On 27thDecember 2019, the club held a meet, the ‘Gentleman’s Ride’ as they called it.

The members, all suited up (quite literally), all rallied from Manik Mia Avenue with their scooters all the way to Chef’s Table Courtside at 100ft road. It seems as though after the Super Tuners 3.0 meet (featured in our previous issue), the spot has become a staple for such get-togethers, and you can’t quite argue with that. A spot to grab some food with sufficient parking room for everyone, and in a place which seems all too dedicated for such purposes; it’s as if they made it just so meets could take place there.

Everyone lined up their Vespas in a very uniform manner, and damn did it look badass. Photographers and observers, yes, even those unaware of the meet swarmed to grab pictures of the suited gentlemen in front of their rides. The gentlemen chit-chatted for a while as everyone occupied themselves snapping away. They grabbed selfies, group photos and what has become at this point a tradition in meets, drone shots. The founders invited everyone up to the restaurant to grab a bite and have a cup of tea. With that, everyone bid each other farewell and cruised off in their Vespas in style, just as they did when the rally began.