A Vespa is like the textbook partner to the golfer; the gentleman’s utopian idea of a fun weekend out. The Italian scooters have made their way around the world amassing a rather large cult of enthusiasts, and our humble country has one of its own. From the same group of people who hosted the Gentleman’s Ride event last year (before a certain virus intruded our cordial lives), Vespa Club Bangladesh gathered once again to celebrate Vespa World Days.

Vespa World Days is an internationally acclaimed event amongst the fanbase, with an annual gathering of like minds in various host nations around the yearly calendar. “Each year a National Vespa Club puts on a World event that attracts thousands of Vespa Club Members from around the world and they not only come for the Vespa event, they enjoy sampling the local food, drink and the Culture.

This Event is from Club to Clubs, meaning that only National Vespa Clubs can organize it and only members can participate”, is what the club had to say on their website. The tradition dates all the way back to 1954, where Paris homed the still fairly new fanbase that Piaggo had procured.


Since then the organization has made its way all around Europe to celebrate the iconized mode of transport. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, however, the 65th iteration set to be held this year in Bali was cancelled leaving a frown on the club member’s faces.

Vespa World Days Bangladesh was an attempt at replicating the gathered communication of love that countries across Europe get to experience each year. Like last year’s event, once again Chef’s Table Courtside located at 100ft was elected to be the home for the meet and its people.

Vespas were showcased adjacent to each other to express the wonders of how the medium has evolved throughout the years. The hosts, hearty as always, set aside some very cool merchandise tailored for the club, distributed amongst all visitors and club members. Not to mention, food for all.

Even under the scorching sun, the event proceeded amazingly as per the hosts’ impeccable organizing. And trust me when I say this as a car enthusiast, a hobby much akin to this one, it does not bear difficulty on aficionados to talk about anything and everything Vespa, because such is the unified love that has been developed throughout the decades.