Words:  Arfin Kazi, Photography: Courtesy

As we all know, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and with that, comes slow and heavy traffic. For that reason, the two-wheeler segment is a very popular means of transportation; both bicycles and motorcycles. Bangladesh has been manufacturing bicycles for the past decade and brands like Veloce and Duranta made quite an impact on the market competing with international brands. Stick around to find out about how these local brands have been holding up.

Meeting demands; fresh and local

Bangladesh has two main manufacturers of bicycles. It all started when Meghna Group introduced Veloce in a market heavily saturated with international brands like Trek, Ghost, Raleigh, and a plethora of other Chinese brands. Veloce was the first label to come out as a local Bangladeshi brand and it came out with five models from Legion 10 to Legion 50. Its main attraction was the price tag. Veloce always made sure to offer top of the line components like SR Suntour suspensions, Shimano derailleurs and many other components cheaper than what the competition had to offer. Meghna Group also has another sub-brand called Seventy-one bicycles, which mainly makes budget-friendly bikes. Another Bangladeshi brand that recently gained popularity is Duranta Bicycles. It makes all sorts of bicycles starting from MTBs to fat bikes. One of the features that make Duranta stand out is the flashy orthodox rims they provide with certain models. The rims do make the bicycle very interesting.

Current models

Veloce now has a range of bikes starting from the low-end Legion series to the high-end Inferno series. Veloce just introduced newer entry-level Legion models for 2021 with slight upgrades on the brakes and gears and has introduced a newer design that renders the bicycle looking sleek. Duranta has been making bikes in every class including fat bikes where currently Duranta remains the only local brand making them. Seventy-one on the other hand mainly focuses on the low-end market making a range of budget bikes both for men and women. Thus, it can be said Bangladesh has been manufacturing every type of bicycle that suits your choice.

Should you consider local?

Yes. The bikes that these companies are producing are very high quality and the finished products show that these manufacturers did not skimp in quality. These bikes feature-wise are up there with brands like Trek and Diamondback and can provide similar features at a lower price tag because it is a locally made product. Thus, the Turbine approves locally manufactured bikes and you can proudly enjoy the Made in Bangladesh without any hesitation.