Unparalleled Trio from Mitsubishi

Modern day problems require modern day solutions. Mitsubishi
got that covered by the introduction of Eclipse Cross, Outlander
PHEV and Xpander. Let’s dive deep into the review to find out
more about these modern day marvels.


Eclipse Cross


Cars are getting more and more utilitarian in every single aspect in modern times, whether in respect of boot space or self opening boot lid and everything in between. Having a large car was never considered old fashioned. In fact, people love to have as much space as possible without breaking banks or indicators while parking in our harrowingly narrow streets. One thing that made people to step aside from buying large vehicles or SUVs is the tax bracket for larger engines and fuel economy. This is where Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross comes in.

As from the name you probably guessed, it is a crossover. To put it simply this is a compact and efficient version of a full size SUV. Mitsubishi is known for their commitment to make reliable and technically sound car all around. Specially SUVs and Crossovers. Eclipse Cross
encompasses in all those aspects and even more. It has all the utilitarian features that you
would expect from a crossover plus the stylish and elegant outlook to go with. This might be the best fit for our needs of day to day activity.

Eclipse Cross is powered by 1.5 liter turbocharged engine for greater efficiency and
instantaneous torque right at the disposal of the driver. With the integration of Direct Fuel
Injection and MIVEC technology, (Highly optimized engine management system innovated by Mitsubishi) this small 1.5 ltr engine ensures daily drivability and dynamic driving at the same time.

Eclipse Cross has enough space to carry all the things you would expect from a crossover. Rear seats have adequate leg room. And Boot space can be expanded by lowering the rear seats individually. Interior trims are stylish and contemporary and fitted well enough to convey an elegant touch overall. Thanks to the craftsmanship.

Eclipse Cross covers all the modern technical pieces and bits. Like standard ABS, Traction
Control, Active Stability Control, Forward Collision Mitigation System and many more. On par of safety it features SRS Airbags for driver and passengers. Mitsubishi ensures highest level of cockpit rigidity and safety of onboard people by developing a specially engineered chassis which absorbs all kinetic energy that is generated at the time of collision as well as maintains high cabin integrity at the same time. Mitsubishi calling it RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution).

This is also equipped with Automatic High Beam Control, Keyless Entry, Heated Seats, Auto
Headlight, Multi Information Display, Powered Panoramic Sunroof, Rockford Fosgate Premium Audio Drivers and much more. Among those one feature stands out from the rest is the HUD (Head Up Display) which is very useful and effective piece of high end tech that allows driver to see all the important telemetry data within peripheral vision. HUD can be adjusted in respect of position and brightness according to the driver’s liking.

Every single detail of the Eclipse Cross has been thoughtfully placed to ensure most usability out of it. In an ever more competitive market of SUVs and Crossovers, Eclipse Cross made it’s existence very profoundly among others. In fact, with the list of features and performance of it outrivals many of its contemporary competitors.


Outlander PHEV


For many decades, Mitsubishi is famous for creating cars as big and strong as tanks. I mean literally tanks! You realize they didn’t move an inch from that philosophy after all these years when you take a look at the new Outlander PHEV. With the modern take on the technology side of things including state of the art “Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle”, Outlander PHEV packs punch even with the big and bold signature styling of Mitsubishi.

PHEV or Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle is the technology that integrates, controls and uses
conventional gasoline power with the electrical power together to power the vehicle run.
Meaning it has 2 separate power producing units, working combindly to drive the car in the more efficient way than using a single gasoline power unit. This car can also be driven in full Electrical Power which results in zero fuel consumption and zero carbon emission and astonishingly can reach upto 135 Km/h and can cover distance upto 54 kilometers. Electric motor is rated 13.8 kilowatts and can be charged upto 80% in just 20 minutes! Well that’s equivalent of Quickcharge technology of smartphones these days literally. Hybrid Mode utilizes combine power generated by both gasoline and electric motor which can outperform any standard 3 liter engine.

In order to thrive for the most efficient functionality, Outlander PHEV features 2 liter engine. Power then transferred to drivetrain of Twin Motor 4WD and S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control). Both front and rear axle have individual motor that ensures ultra fast 4WD performance while S-AWC provides incredible stability under any harsh driving conditions. Outlander PHEV features different driving modes like ‘EV Mode’ where car is fully powered by electricity of the battery, Series Hybrid Mode where motors power the car by the electricity generated by the engine when the battery is low on charge and ‘Parallel Hybrid Mode’ where engine works at full optimum range and supported by electrical power when required.

List of various technical features is quite extensive. It has dedicated EV switch to power up the electrical motor at one press of a button. It also has Eco Mode which instantly bring down the emission level by regulating gasoline power. Informative Power Meter let the driver know everything about power usage, power level, EV output, estimated mileage and so on. Electrical Motor can be charged by simply pressing SAVE CHRG button on the go.

On driving assistants and safety, Mitsubishi left no stone unturned. To mention some of them
are the automatic high beam, multi around monitor to expand the driver’s awareness of the
surroundings, LED headlights and fog lights for greater visibility even in dark condition, electric sliding roof, keyless operation, 6.1 inch Q-VGA touch panel display to navigate audio and can also display rear view camera vision and 360 camera view, high quality audio player with Bluetooth connectivity and top notch audio drivers for crystal clear audio reproduction.

With this much of options and functionality offered in a true SUV is unparalleled to anything out there. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sets the standard so high that it is almost impossible to cross. And also, this car is a step forward in the right direction considering the current environment pollution and high fuel prices we have. So it could change the experience of owning an SUV in a positive way for the people of our country.



The Xpander is a practical and spacious 7 seater which was introduced by Rangs Limited in
2019 in our market. Built around the Dynamic Shield concept of Mitsubishi, the Xpander has a muscular presence and strongly focuses on the safety of pedestrians and the car itself. Powered by the 1.5 liter MIVEC engine mated to a 4 speed automatic transmission, the Xpander churns out a good 103hp and 141 N.m of torque to the front wheels which is enough power to haul the family around with ease.

The ride comfort is top notch. Props to the sheer solid engineering and reinforced suspension setup with specially designed shock absorbers that absorb the tiniest bit of bumps and jerks, ensuring a pleasurable ride experience. With a high ground clearance of 205mm and 5.2 meters turning radius, maneuvering the Xpander around town or the urban area is completely plain sailing.

Getting inside the Xpander is truly a refreshing and roomy experience. The spacious interior has 7 comfortable seats that can fit in 7 adults pretty easily with plenty of legroom. The seats are adjustable according to necessities. The 2nd and 3rd row seats can fold flush, expanding the luggage capacity to carry bigger loads. Inside the cabin is supremely quiet. Thanks to the proper insulation all around that deadens any external sounds, vibrations or road noises. The dual air-conditioner keeps everything cool inside for everyone even in the hottest days. Whether to carry a simple bottle or other goods, there is plenty of storage facility all around the cabin to keep it all organized.

The Xpander comes with all the latest gadgets and quirky features. A 7” touch screen head unit with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity fitted to 6 surround speakers can make commutes joyous and entertaining. There are other driver-friendly features like hands-free conversation, rear view camera and keyless operation system for everyday hassle free driving. To keep your phone always charged up or to listen to music from your smartphone or any audio device on the go, total three12V power outlets have been provided on each row for easier connectivity.

When it comes to safety, the Xpander is uncompromising. The body structure is built with high tensile strength steel to absorb the maximum amount of energy during any impact, making the cabin a safer. The 4 doors are fitted with a support beam inside to reduce any deformation in case of a side impact. Pretensioners and SRS airbags protect the front passenger and driver during any front end collisions. Like any other regular cars, the Xpander also comes with ABS for safety. As mentioned before, the dynamic shield design upfront was built to absorb any impact in case of collision with any pedestrians, ensuring minimal injuries.

Rangs Limited is the only authorized dealer for Mitsubishi Motors and for further queries and quotations on each car, contact them.