The Event took place on 20th November 2020 everyone reached the starting point by 9:30 AM and they comfortably started their journey at 10:00 AM towards Mawa Feri Ghat.

There were around 70 scooter riders with their family joined on their ride.Many female riders also joined them. Some of the participants also joined them from Postogola Bridge and onwards. They paid tolls 3 times total cost of 70 taka per scooter.

They had a schedule break of 5 to 10 minutes for taking rest and road safety briefing. As the Mawa Expressway was new and the road condition was good their 70 scooters fleet reached Mawa without any problem at around 12:15 PM.

They had total seven volunteers, four motor cycles and a car for managing the scooter fleet, capturing photos and recording action videos. After sightseeing, they went for their desired lunch at nearby restaurants. The lunch was delicious and they really enjoyed. After having their lunch, they spent some time in scooter parking area for having fun time and discussion within them.

After spending a quality time, they started their journey back to Dhaka at 4:00 PM from Mawa. Due to forecast of a heavy rain, they postponed their plan to visit Nimtoli Bazar for having the famous sweet meats. Their scooter fleet got the storm and heavy rain when they were near Dhaleshwari Bridge Toll Plaza.

They needed to wait there for 15 minutes to get the rain stopped. At around 6:00 PM they reached Dhaka Mayor Hanif Flyover exit and successfully completed one of their best rides. TSCB is grateful to all the participants for attending this riding event and their wholehearted cooperation.