The Toyota Crown has been a popular badge around the world since the car was brought up in the toyopet stores. Introduced in 1955, the Toyota Crown is the longest-running badge in the market portraying the Japanese “people’s” luxury without being a Lexus. In this issue, we are going to discuss the new fifteenth iteration of the car released in 2018. Keep reading to find out more.

The RS

The design of the newer ST220 Crown did not go through a full overhaul but it certainly did bring noticeable changes. The Athlete name is gone from the crown lineup; introducing the new RS models which are the sportier variants among the plethora of options. The RS which Bangladesh will opt for is surely the 2L turbo variant bearing 245 HP and 350Nm torque which is honestly plenty for the streets of Dhaka. Other than that, the Crown RS receives revised headlights, taillights, a smaller grille from the previous generation and, other smaller changes on the placement of chrome bits and pieces. Other than that, the RS also has a quad exhaust system at the back in case someone fails to notice the small badging around the car. Overall, although the Crown RS might be a sportier version, it still does not fail to show off the immaculate elegance it is known for.

Interior and Features

Being a Toyota, you know that you will be getting as much car according to the money that you are paying and the crown does not disappoint. The interior has countless leather components starting from the dash to the seats. The steering wheel received an update in this generation where now it has a three-point wheel compared to the four in the last generation, the car has heated and cool seats including the steering wheel. Also, this generation of the Crown is one of the first cars from Toyota that bears the Toyota T-Connect feature which can track your car’s features and remotely give you alerts on what is wrong with your Crown such as, if the car detects that it needs an oil change, the people from Toyota would call you to let you know what is wrong with the car. Yes, you read that right, people will call you. Your car will be connected with a DTM (Data Communication Module) where your car will be tracked 24/7 and will also have a microphone where you can talk to a specialist. But this feature at the moment is Japan only.

Verdict; My opinion

In my opinion, this car is brilliant. It has tons of features and is benignly luxurious. Even though the car provides tons of features, I would rather skip on the T-Connect because I think it’s a privacy concern for me. Although it’s a nifty feature from Toyota to keep your Crown always in its optimal condition, I am personally okay with taking care of things in the old fashioned way- even though we are not eligible for the feature in Bangladesh anyway. Other than that, the Crown RS could be the perfect luxury sedan for Bangladesh since it is a Toyota; it would interest people even more, and, as long as this a Toyota we are taking account of, it is going to be undoubtedly reliable and easy to maintai