Top five motorcycle brands in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. As a result, commuting is a hassle in general. With the number of motor vehicles on the road increasing as time passes by, it gets hard to get from point A to point B fast. If you are seeking the quickest way to reach your destination, bikes come to act. Taking the least amount of space on the roads, swerving through rush hour traffic is easy. But there are hundreds of options around the two-wheeled space to choose from. Thus, we are going to discuss the top five brands to choose your bike from.


Even though Bajaj is the biggest manufacturer of bikes in India, its inventory in Bangladesh is quite limited although, the models available are the most popular bikes on the roads. The Bajaj Pulsar models are some of the most common bikes out on Dhaka. Equally popular among people commuting with it and as stunt bikes. The other popular model is the Bajaj Discover; a bike made with commuting and fuel economy in mind, almost every model gives more than above 70 kmpl. Spares can be easily acquired and even tin shed mechanics have these bikes mapped on the back of their hands so, they can fix your bike with ease when it breaks down.


Having mainly economic bikes under its belt, TVS is a popular brand around Bangladesh because it provides great bikes on a reasonable price tag. One of the favored models is the TVS Apache RTR which is their sportier bike on the market. Popular mainly because of how the models look and how cost-efficient they are. Even though the chassis might be a little weak and the bike bears a higher engine shake, the RTR still sells like hotcakes. Having an excellent after-sales service and availability of spares, a TVS could comfortably be a commuting bike for the citizen.


Recently gaining popularity, Suzuki has every type of bike out on the market. You want a commuter; there is the Hayate. You want a cruiser; there is the Intruder. You want a sports bike; there is a GSX-R. But what made Suzuki popular in Bangladesh is the Gixxer. The 155cc bike has been the flagship from Suzuki in Bangladesh. Although the Gixxer is a little on the expensive side, it still did not fail on being the growing choice of Bangladesh. Having a good after-sales service as well, Suzuki has been paving its path quite remarkably.


Honda has always been around in Bangladesh. Known for their reliability and quality, Honda bikes remain as a second choice before other manufacturers because of its higher price compared to the competition. But, the new Honda Hornet bikes have been getting quite common these days. It offers one sports bike in Bangladesh which is the CBR competing with the GSX-R and the R15. Although acquiring Honda parts is a little costly than the other bikes on this list, the prices are getting more economic as more bikes are getting common.


A pioneer in the global and the Bangladeshi market, Yamaha has been the top choice for many people when it comes to a bike for commuting or a sports bike. The R15 V3 is still leading in the 150cc sports bike segment and is one of the most advanced sports bikes to reach Bangladesh. Their top seller is undoubtedly the FZ-S and the Fazer. Both bikes are carefully designed to have a benign experience while riding in the city or going on longer trips. Along the lines, many official bike servicing points have opened in many parts of the city where acquiring spares and an official service have been getting easy and affordable.