For this month, we have decided to go for some of the fastest 600CC bikes on the road.

600CC bikes are the sweet spot where affordability and thrilling speed meets to provide the best bang for your buck, only if the government takes off or increases the CC limit. All we can do is drool over these beauties for now.


Yamaha R6:

With everything happening around, 2020 remains a good year for the Yamaha R6. It’s had top upgrades done this year. These upgrades included an all-new chassis and fuel-injection system. There isn’t much to question about its performance with speed highlighting its production from the onset. The Yamaha R6 remains a legendary unit and was among the very first 600s to produce 100+ horsepower.

The R6 produces 117HP at 14,500RPM and 62Nm of torque at 10,500RPM. It reaches a top speed of 290KMH from the factory!

Kawasaki ZX6R:

The 2020 Kawasaki ZX6R has had a few updates done such as a few aerodynamics tweaks and an improved split dash. The Ninja promises a smooth ride and is nimble on the corners. This beauty’s top speed is rated at 260KMH.  Kawasaki remains the undisputed speed king in the supersport world. This bike is fitted with a 636cc engine delivering 127 horsepower at 13,500RPM and 71Nm of torque at 11,000RPM.

Honda CBR600RR:

Honda is another revered bike manufacturer. The Honda CBR600RR is one such unit that comes after the reign of the CBR600F4 and the CBR600F4i that also made their mark as top machines. The 2020 Honda CBR600RR is a masterpiece that comes with a new twin-spar aluminum chassis, pro-link single rear shock, upgraded aerodynamics, and Showa big piston front forks. The Honda CBR600RR has a smooth ride and it’s also nimble on twisty roads. However, when it comes to comfort, this beauty falls behind its siblings. Clocking a top speed of 260KMH, the CBR600RR is powered by a 600cc engine that generates 121 horsepower at 14,000RPM and 64Nm of torque at 11,500RPM.

MV Agusta 675 F3:

For an exquisite design, the MV Agusta 675 F3 takes it. This beauty boasts of good looks and top-notch performance. This Italian stallion uses an advanced three-cylinder engine that produces 128 horsepower at 14,400RPM and 71Nm of torque at 10,600RPM. The upgraded electronics and a balancer shaft help eliminate vibrations. The top speed of this bike is rated at 258Kmh.

Some of the internals to back its high performance include the counter-rotating crank inspired by MotoGP, a top traction control system (eight-stage), and a quick shifter.

Aprilia RS 660:

The Aprilia RS 660 is poised to offer a sporty look, an eye-catching exterior, an under-slung exhaust, and a sloping fuel tank. It has all-LED lighting and alloy wheels. The Aprilia RS 660 weighs 168kgs. The engine produces 100 horsepower at 10,500RPM and 68Nm of torque at 8,500RPM. As far as safety is concerned, Aprilia RS 660 has its front and rear wheels fitted with disc brakes. Additionally, electronic rider aids such as engine braking system, different riding modes, wheelie control system, quick-shifter, and cornering ABS are also available. Overall, it’s a bike with killer looks that will be breaking necks wherever you go.