Tips on how to maintain your car or bike during corona lockdown

By Syed Galib

Mechanic engineer fixing car battery in garage (selective focus).

These are crucial times and this is not to be ignored. We must remain in our homes during the novel Corona virus pandemic. This is the only way that a lethal virus can be controlled through dissemination. But this period can make it difficult for your four-wheeler or two-wheeler not to be used for such a long time. Here are a few useful tips and tricks during the lock-in to care for your car or motorcycle.


  1. Make sure your car is parked in an enclosed secure area. If you don’t have covered parking, then keep your car covered. It should defend it from bird droppings or extreme sunshine that could harm the color. As flowers and leaves are a breeding ground for bacteria, it is also important to remove the leaves and flowers if your car is in open parking. Also, ensure the cabin is thoroughly cleaned. Do not leave junk items in the car that may leave a bad stench and may even attract rodents.

It is wise to maintain a full tank during such times. If there is less fuel, then overtime the air above the fuel would cause condensation which is not good for your vehicles. In the long run, it could even cause rusting.

If you leave the car idle for a long time, avoid engaging the parking brake/handbrake as it could get jammed up. If your car has that feature it’s always better to leave the car in gear or parking mode. You might even go old school and use wheel chocks for added protection, such as utilizing a large block of wood or brick to prevent the vehicle from rolling.

Disconnect the battery of your car if it hasn’t been in use for long. This should mean the battery is not depleted when still idle. Every 3-4 days, you can also start the car once and let it idle for some time, this too will prevent the battery from depleting. Also, while you’re doing this run the air conditioner with the blower on so that any dust or foreign particles get thrown out.

Make sure that your tyres are properly inflated and are at the correct pressure. When kept idle for a long time the tyres could lose air pressure and keeping them inflated helps prevent cracking of the sidewalls and flat spots. If you get a chance to move the car forward and backward to avoid flat spots.


  1. The ‘keeping it clean and covered’ tip applies to your motorcycle and scooter as well. In addition to protecting your paint and chrome parts, covering the vehicle when parked in the open will also save rubber parts from getting crusty.
  2. If your two-wheeler has a center stand, it will be wise to make use of it when parking. It keeps the fluids in the vehicle at a balanced level and it’s much safer as chances of the vehicle falling and getting damaged are much less.
  3. In addition to keeping the tank full, also ensure that the chain, springs, and cables are lubricated. Check if they need any lubrication at least once a week.
  4. It is also wise to take some security measures when storing your two-wheeler for a long time. If you have a spoke lock of a disc lock handy, make use of it. Also, don’t leave your vehicle documents, in the vehicle.
  5. Here too it is wise to keep the battery disconnected to avoid depletion, also, start your motorcycle or scooter once every 3-4 days and let it idle for some time.