The young mentor for new female riders

Moontanim Sneha is the founder of Women’s Scooter School Bangladesh (WSSB). A passionate scooter lover, she loves to ride anything that on two wheels. She also enjoys sharing her love for motorcycles with others and loves to introduce other curious women to the world of two wheels through her riding school.

Sneha have been running this school for two years. Her goal is to teach any woman who wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

When asked about the origin of the school, she said, there are now many women in our country who seek to avoid the hassle of public transport and achieve mobility independence. So they want a scooter or motorcycle for personal use, ride sharing or just to take their kids to school. And although most can easily afford one, almost all of them of them have a hard time finding someone who will teach them how to ride one.

Take herself for example, she remarked that she bought her first scooter 3 years ago. Although excided, she was forced keep it parked at her garage for a while because no one was willing to teach her. Be it a friend or a relative, whoever she asked turned her down through one excuse or another. Eventually, she decided to learn by herself and after some trial and error, she succeeded. This experience conveyed her to set up a Facebook page with the intention to help teach other women who are facing the same situation. Which eventually became the WSSB.

To learn at WSSB, applicants much fill up an application from and provide a passport size photo along with a copy of their NID. The training course is a six day long process, with each daily session lasting for an hour. This is apparently enough for students to learn how to safely ride a motorcycle. As for expenses, it’s BDT6,000 in Uttara and 5,000 in Mirpur, which has to be paid in full on the first day.

Although they are yet to offer licensing service they do help guide their students through the application process for an additional fee.

Sneha very passionate about motorcycle. Her passion started when she was young. She always seen others riding their own motorcycle and scooters and from there always wanted her own. She bought a second hand scooter as soon as she managed to save up enough money for it. She still cannot explain the joy I felt that day.

She is currently using a red Meiduo M Spark 125cc scooter. Her dream bike is a Honda CBR in Repsol livery.

When asked to provide advice for new beginners, she said there is a common myth that you need to learn how to ride a bicycle before you a learn how to ride a motorcycle. From her personal experience, that is a complete myth. A lot of people told her that and the left her confused. So she learned how to ride a bike first. However, after getting on my scooter she discovered the experience was completely different. So anyone who thinks that they need learn how to ride a bicycle before learning how to ride a bicycle; they don’t. Just have the courage and commitment and they will figure out how to ride a motorcycle very easily.