I’m a Ziyad Rahman, I drive a mark ii JZX71 and I have been a car aficionado for a long time and I’m passionate towards restoring old cars


Tell us about your car

The Mark ii evolved from the Toyota Corona and in 1968 the first mark ii was introduced. It was big enough to fit your family while making impressive power from a 2-liter engine. It had the sporty characteristics while maintaining the luxury of a Crown.

“The car was full of rust; the interior wasn’t great and also many technical issues.”

In 1989 my dad bought the car and from then it has been in our family till now. He drove it for 9 years till 2007 and it had 200,000km by then. Then he left the car in a garage where it kept collecting dust. In 2015 I took the initiative to bring back its glory days. It was a challenge for me, a hard one. The car was full of rust; the interior wasn’t great and also many technical issues. It was hard to find a good half cut for the car but I got lucky and found a pristine one but it was really expensive. After the half-cut arrived the revival of the Mark ii started; after it was done, I had a tough time updating the papers. After the tough ordeal, the Mark ii was back to its glory days.


How does it drive?

“it is a Japanese car with an American muscle infused vibe”

It’s a purist car, you feel pure driving. There were no driver aids at that time and power steering was just introduced. It’s just you and the car and nothing else. The car also gets a lot of attention from enthusiasts and onlookers as it is a Japanese car with an American muscle infused vibe and once you build it well it looks like a yakuza (Japanese mafia) car. It is great when it comes to cornering because Toyota put a great suspension which handles better than most sedans and has good torque with good response.


Must do modifications.

You should change the headlight bulbs because the factory bulbs are little to no good and swap the brakes

What are the possible modifications?

The mark ii has a whole array of possible mods or builds. You can build it like a Bosozoku car with over the top body kits, slammed to the ground, big exhaust, and possibly put every color in the light spectrum on the body. You can also make a drift build by adding more power and other drift goodies or you can slam it to the ground, paint it black, put on big rims, and roll like a VIP.

What are your plans for the car?

I want to add more power; I already put in forged pistons so the internals will be able to handle power. It’s already a 1JZGTE so I want to get a proper tune and lower the car and if possible, I’ll install ABS.