Words and pictures: Syed Galib

The laurel is named after a noble tree in Greek mythology, and the laurel wreath a symbol of honourable status. Join us as Shohorat Bin Lutfar talks about his Nissan Laurel.

1. Tell us about your car

This is a Nissan laurel c35 2002 the eighth and last generation Laurel it came with an rb20 which has many shared components with the Skyline and the Silvia. In August 2002 they ended production and replaced it with the Teana.

2. How does it drive?

For a 2 litre the initial torque doesn’t feel like an ordinary 2 litre, accelerates way better than a beams 2000, overall the car is very smooth to drive & to be driven in.

3. What are the possible modifications?

Rb25dett easy build, rb26dett which will be tough as it is AWD (all-wheel drive) or you can do a drift build.

4. What modifications did you do?

Nothing much I bought the car recently so I just repaired it cosmetically, 17 inch rims, new radiator, new brake pads and proper maintenance as the engine is super fresh and the mileage was under 71k.

5. What are your future plans with the car?

My plan is to install an rb25dett (twin turbo) and bring in a full ckd from japan I am not doing it right now as this is my daily driver.

6. 3 cars or bikes you would love to have

The SLR McLaren, Mercedes g63 and a Nissan gtr r35.