The Old Delicacy of Tea in the Street of Gulshan: Cha Chai



Cha is the favorite beverage in Bangladesh but for many, it is a magical potion when they are under the weather. Certainly, it is a tea that sets the mood for conversations with friends and family. When you pass by Gulshan Avenue you might have noticed a small tea shop known as Cha Chai (চাচাই). From evening till midnight you will often see a sizeable crowd of office goers, families and old friends enjoying a heartfelt conversation over a cuppa.


It’s a casual hangout place,filled with warm and flavorful aroma, popular to the tea craving late nighters. Their setting is traditional without being pretentious and have no sitting arrangements whatsoever but since the place is open till late, most stores adjacent to the shop closes thus making customers hang around next to stores.  The long lobby like area has a beautiful ambience for photography and relaxation time with friends and colleagues. With the stuff being more interactive, the process of making tea can be spectated upfront. As the shop is located near the road there is no parking area which makes things complicated especially for customers with family. However, they provide security to look over your car which gives a sense of assurance for car owners to enjoy themselves without having to worry too much.


Cha Chai primarily focuses on traditional teas. They clearly value quality before quantity as they provide a fairly small menu for tea but still enough to choose from, such as Badamchaa, maltachaa, masala chaa etc. The price ranges from 25BDT to 70BDT. My personal favorite and also the most consumed and unique tea in the store is Tandoori Tea. The way this place makes the tea is by boiling the milk and black tea separately. Later they pour the raw tea into a hot-steamy clay pot which had been preheated in a tandoor. The process gives the tea a nice smoky flavor which many has come to love. Even though it’s the highest priced, it surely lives up to its expectations and totally worth it.


If you’re bored with warm beverages they can also provide fresh and refreshing juices. But it doesn’t end there. Who doesn’t love a savory snack with tea? Their menu also offers a variety of rolls composed of vegetables, chicken, and beef with a price range of 150BDT to 300BDT.


I would definitely recommend you Cha Chai, for their unique range of tea. It is a must for anyone who is near Gulshan. The lobby is well decorated great for those who wants to take pictures of themselves and the ambience itself is welcoming. Taste is bang for the buck but if possible try parking your car somewhere near where you can keep your eye on it. Overall it is a great place to hang out and have conversations over tea.