The Peugeot 3008 is already a leader in the compact SUV market receiving immense success all over the world including Bangladesh. With the recent trend and the growing demand of sub compact SUVs almost every company is trying to make their crossover SUVs as attractive to consumers as possible in order to secure themselves in this highly competitive market. Despite criticism the brand had to face in the past, the recent models surely deserve the love and appreciation they are receiving at this moment. The new 2021 Peugeot 3008 is another car that got added to the list of interesting cars made by this French automaker. 

“This mid-size SUV is definitely one of the better-looking ones in its class” 

 This mid-size SUV is definitely one of the better-looking ones in its class. There is a new headlight design along with the set of vertical daytime lights. The grille is also a tad bit bigger than it used to be and to be honest, unlike some other European cars (like BMW), the large grille actually goes with the aesthetics of the car. Maybe the popular believe that large grilles are ugly doesn’t necessarily go with all cars and we have one perfect example of it here. The new 3008 also received a frameless design like many modern 2021 cars. 

 Inside the Peugeot 3008 you are welcomed with a very modern looking cabin with comfortable leather seats and a dashboard which looks rather futuristic in my opinion. The i-Cockpit system is upgraded with a new 10inch touchscreen infotainment system and along with a new 12.3inch digital gauge cluster. 

“0 to 60mph within 5.9 seconds” 

 The 3008 will be offered with both diesel and petrol engine variants along with a hybrid variant. The base model will have a combined power output of 225hp and 226lb-ft of torque making it go from 0 to 60mph within 8.7 seconds along with a top speed of 40mph and 35miles all electric range. While the top model gets a 200hp petrol engine integrated with an electric unit which produces 300hp combined and 384lb-ft of torque than can make the car go from 0 to 60mph within 5.9 seconds along with a top speed of 146mph (pretty decent for a crossover I must say!). 

 The new 3008 will most likely be available in showrooms from the end of this year but it is unknown when the new 3008 will come to Bangladesh. As of yet there is no news from the official distributer of Peugeot in the country.