The new normal for Auto journalists

Familiarizing the situation thrown into.

Being in the automotive field for quite some time, going to press launches and local car meets to cover events was the norm for me but the past couple of months, going out has been halted. Not just for me, but the whole automotive industry has been affected by this pandemic. Car launches mostly being canceled or being released though press launches online, it has been an uncommon sight to put it through.

Many car companies like Audi and KIA have introduced online procedures for introducing cars to customers through launches or presentations online to highlight the features of the car in question. Nonetheless, many companies have canceled their press launches that were meant to happen physically altogether or have delayed the dates 3-6 months depending on the company. It can be seen that the automotive industry has been hit massively as fewer vehicles than average are being sold to people due to unavoidable circumstances but the unorthodox strategies used to attract customers have also been quite the sight from these companies.

For me, I miss going out car meets to meet my friends and apprentices I have known over the years being involved in this field. Going to press launches in person and seeing the car in its flesh ensured a proper review of it but not that these circumstances have been a growing problem for everyone, seeing things on the internet has been the norm for me. It can be said that this “new normal” for now it’s going to stick around for a while but it is our job to adapt and keep on moving forward. After all, it is always the survival of the fittest.