Crown owners from all around the country gathered up to go for a drive on the newly constructed Mawa Expressway

Words: Saikot Roy , Photography: Wasi Uddin

The Toyota Crown is one of Toyota’s longest running model of cars. Production of the first gen Crowns can be dated back to being as early as 1955 and is still produced to this date. Through the model’s almost 7-decade long production time, it received several upgrades and was sold mostly in Japan along with a few other Asian countries. Rivaling the BMW 5 series and the Mercedes E Class, the Crown received a lot more love and appreciation than the rivals here in Bangladesh thanks to the immense popularity of Japanese cars and their reliability. The car enthusiasts and Crown owners of the country decided to show their respect towards the long-produced model and arranged a meet along with a drive to Mawa Ghat!

The meeting point was at Gulshan 2 Dead End where over twenty different Toyota Crowns from all generations gathered up before going for the drive. This was probably the first official car meet after almost five months of quarantine. With all safety precautions and social distancing maintained, the post lockdown greetings were done and a few photographs were taken. After which the Crown crew decided to begin the mighty Mawa run. Blessed with a perfect cloudy weather with little sunshine, the Crowns rolled along the newly constructed expressway.

After reaching the end of the Expressway, the Crowns arrived at a beautiful reserved spot where the cars were parked according to their generations. In front of the parked cars several scale models of the luxurious sedan were displayed and it was surely a sight to be seen and not to be missed!

‘Best moment was when all the twenty plus crowns lined up to pay the toll for the Mawa Expressway and everyone was looking at it’ said Wasi Uddin, one of the many organizers of the Crown Meet.

The Toyota Crown has always been one of the more popular luxurious sedans between both the petrol heads and non-petrol heads. Doesn’t matter if a car enthusiast or not, a couple dozens of fully mint crowns in the middle of hundreds of ‘premallions’ have definitely been a treat to the eyes of everyone and was also a much-needed drive for the owners after a 5-month long lockdown period.