Helmet Import and Usage in Bangladesh


In recent years, the helmet market has seen a rise on the numbers of helmets sold. Statistics show that every year, the market sees a rise of 20% of total helmet sales in Bangladesh. Currently, based around this statistic, approximately 20 lac helmets have been sold country wide and the numbers are still on the rise. Keep reading to find out why.


What is being imported?

“Yohe is the largest importer of helmets in Bangladesh.”

Among the plethora of helmets imported, 80% of those are from China. Rest is from India, Thailand, Indonesia and other different countries. Among the Chinese imports, Yohe is the largest importer of helmets in Bangladesh. Apart from that, brands like Steelbird, Vega, Studds, and MIBK are other leading Chinese brands. Among international brands, Bilmola and LS2 have been providing ECE certified helmets for an economic price point.


Situation in Bangladesh

“Most people rarely use their helmets for actual safety concerns.”

Currently Bangladesh does not manufacture helmets locally yet, apart from some sort of plastic caps used by passenger in ride sharing services. Although there has been an increase in helmet selling businesses in recent times, most people rarely use their helmets for actual safety concerns. People usually buy helmets partly for safety, mainly to evade the law and many people are not even aware of the safety rating in their trusty caskets. In villages where the pressure from the law is even less, people do not wear helmets at all. Since helmets with official safety ratings are costly, many importers bring dodgy, cheap helmets which provide little to no safety at all.


A fix for the system

The government should take action on educating bikers about the different safety ratings of helmets and take action on making at least ECE and DOT certified helmets compulsory. Although a lot of bikers these days are aware of consequences of not having proper protection, it should be taken in consideration that accidents could happen anytime and the only thing that is responsible of saving their life is the helmet their wearing.