Words: Syed Galib, Photographs: Ayan Rahman Khan

Silver Surfer traveling through space and sometimes Hatirjheel


Tell us about yourself

My name is Hossain Alif. I’m a son and a father who has been passionate about cars since the very beginning. It would be simplistic to claim, but back when I was a kid; my dad used to buy me Hotwheels and numerous toy cars that gave me immense joy, which was a perfect way to ignite my passion.


What made you passionate about cars?

“I was always specific about my love and decided to love the beauty that cars are.”

The anticipation and utter pleasure that driving or looking at a car brings, just like when we are doing something that we love. Cars make me feel this way. Generally, most males are either enthusiastic about cars, music, games, etc. I was always specific about my love and decided to love the beauty that cars are.


What car started your passion?

After seeing a classmate picked up by a Toyota Celica when I was in grade III. The car was so beautiful and the exhaust tone made me fall for it. I say I’ve been fascinated with it.

What car/cars have you own/owned?

The first car I ever owned was an XC SALOON, ALLION, during my studies in Malaysia I drove a BMW, and currently, I have a gt86.

What is your dream car?

It’s the Nissan GTR R34. The Fast & Furious franchise played a big part. When I was a teen, I remember Brian O Conner racing in the silver r34, I fell for the car instantly. I think this car played a major role in every car enthusiast’s life.


What is it like to drive the gt86?


It’s amazing to drive the 86, it’s a fantastic coupe. Every time I drive it, I am left with a big smile.

What car do you think is best for this country?


SUVs in particular, because of horrid road conditions and we always have traffic and conflict between lane changing.


What car do you want to own in the future?


If I make it, as in grow successful on my own, I would love to own a PAGANI ZONDA R.


What advice would you give to young car enthusiasts?


I would recommend keeping their passion alive and choosing them wisely and be responsible for their future. May it be cars or sport or music being an enthusiast should never fade out, keep on dreaming, drive safe. And see you on the road.