If you are a RomCom fanatic, then it’s unlikely you don’t know about the movie Roman Holiday. The weirdly put love story starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck is surely to melt your heart. This movie is an all-time classic and critically acclaimed. Aside from the story, Audrey

Hepburn, there is one more iconic aspect of this movie. The Vespa v125 V30T aka the Farobasso. It is called Farobasso because the headlight was placed on the front fender.

The princess and the journalist used it in the movie to roam around Rome. The iconic scene of Audrey Hepburn trying to ride it while Gregory Peck tried to handle from the behind. This was Audrey’s first time appearing in the big screen. This, during 1953 was a big advertisement for Vespa. That played a major role in making the Vespa a popular transportation medium. It pushed Vespa to its success. There was a brief appearance of the Vespa around that time, which in turn helped sell about 100,000 units. Soon after other movies started to use Vespa. They were featured in about 60 movies by 1962. Then within 1970 Piaggio managed to sell about four million Vespas globally.

Piaggio originally was a Warplane manufacturer. But after the war, they were not allowed to make warplanes so they started making scooters instead. These scooters were made for women to sit on; while wearing skirts and having to worry about getting it dirty. These scooters resembled a wasp, so it was named Vespa. Which is Latin for wasps.

This is the oldest known Vespa to date. 1003 being the chassis number, indicates it was the third unit produced and the previous two are lost. This a 98cc scooter from the 0 series lineup by Piaggio. About 60 units of this very model were produced. The first two are lost making this the oldest one to existence. The one from the movie was later owned by Gregory Peck himself. Then it was owned by a private collector, who has more than 60 rare Vespas in his collection. This, 1946 handcrafted Vespa is still in a working condition.

This Vespa was put up on an online auction. The site is called Catawiki. The auction took place till 28th March 2017. It was expected to be sold at around 250,000/- to 300,000/- euros. After 21 bids, it was sold at 191,000/-.