BMW M3 Evolution

Words and pictures- Neehan Rashid

Designed to provide the closest experience one could get from driving a ‘Group A’ racing-car in 1988, the BMW M3 Evolution is a car that requires no introduction. But if you happen to be living under the rock for ages then allow me to get you up to speed with “Der Meister”.

Housing an In-line 4 cylinder engine with a wider stance, the beefed up version of the normal BMW E30 M3 was known for pushing approximately 215 horses from factory. On top of that the Evolution had a power to weight ratio of 6.15kg/hp which is pretty impressive considering the era it comes from and individuals who were lucky enough to review this German madness never fails to emphasize on how fun this classic is to drive. However, at the end of day only 500 of these were made, making it hard for fanatics to own this work of art as the scarcity has led to the inaugural of a hefty price tag of 95,000 pounds.

However, all of this information is irrelevant in the world of scaled models since there is no such thing as scarcity. If you want to own a scaled model of the most successful DTM racing car of all time you can choose from multiple brands providing multiple scales and if I am brutally honest, only 30 percent were able to bring justice to this modern classic.

 The particular 30 percent includes brands such as Autoart, Minichamps, IXO, and Tarmac works but the price of those models are significantly higher than the others. But believe me when I say it the higher price tag is worth bearing if you really want a well-executed replica of one of the most sought after German machineries. Today, I shall be presenting the 1:43 BMW E30 M3 Evolution made by IXO.

Now, I don’t know where to begin with this model since everything about it is nearly perfectly. Starting from the iconic body line of the fender flares and the rear quarter panels to the meshed rims, all of the crucial details that build up the M3 have been taken care of precisely. The rear taillights are also of the right thickness and one would not fail to notice the nicely placed exhaust tips.

When we move our attention to the paint job, the whole model is coated in metallic silver with thin red stripping that can be seen in the actual car. Above all, the proportions of the model is also on point and is something that can be appreciated as other marques such as Hot Wheels, and corgi fail to accomplish this. Other small details that IXO should be applauded for include the front indicators and fog lights made out of separate plastic pieces rather than being painted on. The interior also has red seat belts that don’t fail to catch the eyes.

However, the model has some drawbacks too such as the stance of the rear wheels is out of place. The fender indicators have been painted on which is a disappointment. The front headlights could have been better and the interior is under par for the price one has to pay for this model. The front windshield also has the window seal detail missing which makes it look rather weird. But one slowly grows into the look as time goes by. Other than these drawbacks the model can be considered to be extremely well built.

If you want to purchase this model you would need to bear a price tag of 56USD++ which is comparatively cheaper than the 1:1 model if you think about it (hahaha I am so funny). You can also choose between the metallic silver and jet black variation which is nice too. Hence, at the end of the day this is a model that you would want to get because this is the closest we can get to a BMW M3 Evolution that can be considered to be an ideal driver’s car or in this case the ideal collector’s model.