Words: Tasaoof Rahman Pictures- Ayan Rahman Khan

 The burger is one of the most favorite and common foods in Bangladesh. Sometimes for some people, the burger is such a craze that they will go anywhere to get a good burger. For them, the burger is the thing that sets their mood for conversations with friends and family. If you are going through Satmasjid road and you want to enjoy your lunch or evening snacks or dinner, you can go to the fatty bun. Certainly, it will set the mood for you. Even you will see huge people gathering from different places from afternoon to almost 11:00 PM. This place will give you the relaxation you need from the hustle and bustle of the town.

It’s a perfect place for hangout. Their setting is quite western and comfortable which will give you the mood you need. Their arrangements and the layout is so perfect that you will not feel the presence of humdrum of the town. Their submission of bringing food to the customer attracts everyone. This restaurant and its staff really knows how to cheer you up.

Fatty bun usually focuses on the western pattern of giving food to the customers. They always value quality before quantity. Their burger menu is quite small but it will not be a problem because they prefer Shroom burger (Chicken) and cheesy affair burger (beef). Their price range of burger is from 125BDT to 299BDT. But my personal favorite is Shroom Burger (Chicken) and lots of people also love this burger. They also have a fries & drinks menu which starts from 99BDT and ends up at 950BDT. Yes, 950 looks huge! But it is a kind of set menu for 4 people. If you ask me I will say go for Apple Lemonade and French fries if you get bored by a burger or don’t want to go for a burger.

In this pandemic situation, the whole world is falling apart. Many people don’t want to go to the restaurant because of the risk. But some people are feeling crazy about the burger. No one should worry about that because the fatty bun is giving home delivery in the entire city.

Think Once! What would it feel like to have a burger with your friends and family with lots of people hanging around? To turn the imagination into reality, you can visit this restaurant. It is a must for the people near Satmasjid road.