CaseForChange visits Bangladesh to talk with some of the young women who are learning digital skills on the digital training bus, a Government initiative by the ICT Ministry supported by Huawei and powered by Robi Axiata’s connectivity to empower rural girls and women with the digital skills they need to build a successful future career.

Discover exactly what the bus has to offer and how many young women stand to benefit from the training both now and in the future.

The power of mobile technology is changing our world for the better and transforming lives in so many different ways.


Because of cultural and traditional practices in Bangladesh, women do not have the same rights and freedoms as men. Once wed, a woman becomes strongly tied to her husband’s family. This greatly limits her opportunities for education and employment.

A Government-led digital revolution is taking place in Bangladesh, but many young women in rural areas are being left behind. The ICT Division of the Bangladeshi Government, working with mobile network Robi Axiata and Huawei, had a vision to change this; empower rural girls and women with the digital skills they’d need to build a successful future career. However, due to social restrictions females are often unable to venture far from their homes. The answer? Bring the training to them with the Digital Training Bus program.

Each custom built bus has 23 workstations per vehicle. All class members have access to a laptop and facilities including large LED screens, sound system, WiFi and specialised software. Through the use of this simple equipment, girls and women are given the power to transform their lives.

As of December 2019, over 63,000 girls and women had received training through the Digital Bus Program, with a goal of reaching another 166,000 women by 2022. Join #CaseForChange as we visit Bangladesh to talk with some of these young women and learn about their hopes and aspirations for the future.

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