While Tesla dominated the EV market with the Model S for almost a decade by now, things became spicier when Porsche also recently released their first ever EV sedan. Team Turbine takes an in detail look into both the cars to find out if the decade old Model S holds up to the magnificence of the German EV


Electric cars have recently become popular all across the world and many people believe that going electric is the future. The first cars ever produced by mankind were not gasoline powered but rather electric. Since the technology was different back then and batteries were not as efficient as modern day batteries are, a gasoline powered car seemed to be marginally more sustainable as well as practical a century ago. However, the recent focus on environmental issues and the concerns related to global warming made searching for an alternative to gasoline powered cars more important and necessary than it was ever before. Automakers have realised and taken it into consideration as well. Most car manufacturers have already started interrogating hybrid powertrains on their cars after Toyota started the trend back in 1997 releasing the Prius. The competition between EV cars is on the rise with more and more new electric car models being released every year. Last year, Porsche revealed their first ever EV car- the Porsche Taycan and if you’re into electric cars you can tell right away that it is a direct rival to the Tesla Model S.

Before the Taycan was released the Tesla Model S used to be the market dominating EV sedan. Since the Model S’s debut in 2012, the American EV has been getting minor upgrades ever since with even a facelift in 2016. A car weighing over 2.2 tonnes was never this fast before. With a 0 to 60mph in 2.5 seconds in the flagship P100D variant, the Model S is surely one of the quickest production cars out there. The Taycan doesn’t fall behind by much with a 0 to 60mph time of a whooping 2.6 seconds in the flagship Turbo S variant. Yes the Taycan does seem to be slightly slower than the Model S and it is definitely consistent with all the available variants that both companies offer but in reality, the Taycan actually does a ¼ mile ever so slightly quicker than the Model S. It is perfectly demonstrated by Chris Harris in the popular show Top Gear if you are interested to go and have a look.

But how does both the cars drive though?

Both cars have given a shot at perfecting the balance between performance and luxury and combining both into one, Tesla focused more on the comfort of both the driver and passengers. Hence, the slightly less stiffer suspension, huge legroom at the back and also less sportier seats on the Model S. On the other hand, the Taycan was meant to almost be an EV 911 according to the developers of the car and it is pretty obvious. The front seats of the Taycan are much lower while the center console at a higher position and sportier bucket seats and less body roll while taking turns, one can surely tell that the Porsche is undoubtedly the more driver focused option.

Also, if you want to daily your $100,000 or $150,000 EV (the Model S or the Taycan), you won’t be too surprised to find out that the Model S is actually more practical for daily use than the Taycan thanks to the almost twice as large space in the front of the Model S compared to the Taycan and a significantly larger trunk space thanks to the Tesla being a five door liftback sedan. Also, the more leg room at the back of the Model S as previously mentioned. Moreover, Tesla has a greater range of about 365miles in the flagship Model S P100D while the Taycan’s range sits much lower at about 265miles. Yes, the Taycan does charge much faster but Tesla has a tremendously larger network of superchargers globally with over 1400 Supercharger Stations and over 12,000 Superchargers in 36 countries while the figures for the Porsche is much lower.

It’s astonishing to see how much electric cars have developed and come a long way only within the last decade or so. Both the Model S and Taycan are amazing cars in their own different way but if you want to have a much sportier, driver focused car, if you don’t care much about the range either and don’t plan on taking it on road trips and also if you have extra $50,000 to spend then the Taycan is the way to go for you!