The TVS Apache RTR 160 has been around since 2014 and is still being used by many today. This is has been an all-time classic for bikers throughout the country. But now the 160 took the market by storm.

The Engine:

Apache RTR 160 has got an effective engine that produces 15.2 bhp and 13.1 nm Torque. This produces its power to weight proportion of 111 bhp per ton which is most elevated in its fragment where Honda CB trigger and FZS has got 102 bhp per ton. This bike pulls in low rpm which is sweet for great mileage and after crossing 4000 rpm it gives a punch, at that point anybody can realize why it is called RTR (Racing Throttle Reaction).

This engine isn’t as refined as Pulsar UG-4.5 or Hero Honda CBZ or Hunk. But it produces a snarling sound like a diesel motor and it tends to vibrate a tad bit higher than other 160 cc motors but at the same time, it produces more torque and bhp than other motors of its rivals. This is a lot smoother as well.

A small comfort is to be yielded for sheer control and fun, and the motor vibration isn’t like a seismic tremor or excruciating. What was felt was around 4000rpm, in 2nd gear, it vibrates and can be felt. Other than that, it can run as smooth as butter even at around 80 km at5th equip in 6000 rpm. That vibration can be effectively be ridden off in case the gear is shifted at around 3000 rpm in 2nd equip which is approximately 20km which is perfect to alter adapt to 3rd, it isn’t a big deal.

The thing that makes the RTR engine so much fun is its surpassing capability. To overwhelm any vehicle fair downshift a gear and drag the throttle to 4000rpm it overtakes. It’s not as it were simple to surpass in town but it is fun as well. No matter the pillion in your back or not it just pulls when crossed 4000 rpm.

The Handling:

This bike is made for having fun and having a lively feel. When sat on, its riding position says it all. It’ll inebriate a moderate rider to ride quickly. The sitting position of this bike is that sporty and it handles way better than most of its rivals but Yamaha FZS.

When compared to a pulsar. Which is a great handling bike no question around that. But after making each corner with the same speed around 60 km, by inclining that pulsar it felt like it tends to toss its body weight on cornering upward. And on the same corner when crossed with RTR it fair holds and sticks with the street. That as well at slightest 3,4-inch inward side of the street than the Pulsar. But the drawback of typically how novice rider slips and closes up with a mischance in cornering with RTR. Since this bike is so well adjusted in cornering that much certainty is picked up. But on the off chance that pushed as well difficult with such a torque (13.1nm) motor anybody might conclusion up in a mishap. This bike is for the experienced rider.

The Breaks & Tires:

The brakes of this bike are amazing. It doesn’t matter on a wet surface or dry, in case pulled and pushed both the brakes together it fair chomp the street and stops quickly. The front breaks of this are 270 mm Petal Disk brakes and the rear ones are 200 mm Petal Disk.

TVS Apache RTR 160 got grippe tires from TVS. Its rear tire size is 110/80 R17 which is nice in damp and dry condition. On the front it has got a 90/90 R17 tire with alloy wheels.


The Current market price for the RTR 160 is approximately 1,60,000/- BDT.