The all-rounders

It the lass issue, we talked about bike that more focused on beating the lap time that going from A to B. While bike like these are perfect for some, others like to enjoy their motorcycle and keep their spine intact at the same time. For them we are focusing on a few “civilized” bikes, which sacrifices some of their performance for ride comfort and better utility.

Bajaj Pulser NS-160 FI-ABS


The classic Bajaj Pulser honestly need no introduction. It started its life as a cheaper alternative to fast import bikes from foreign countries. Since then, the bike has come a long way and developed a strong and loyal fanbese. The Bajaj NS-160 is the successor of the classic Pulser UG, which focuses more on sportiness over the original’s utilitarian design. The The newest iteration of the NS-160 features thicker tires, electronic fuel injection (EFI) and Anti-lock braking system (ABS). Making the 14.81 hp pumped out by its oil cooled engine much easier to control. Despite the massive addition of new features, the newly launched motorcycle is actually very reasonably priced at BDT 254,900

Yamaha FZ Ver 3.0 FI-ABS

The Yamaha FZ has been the titular upmarket sports bike in Bangladesh for decades. With its sporty looks, handling and performance, it is the go to bike for those who don’t want to deal with the economic and physical pain of owning a R15. Hailed as the “Lord of the streets” by Yamaha, the third iteration of the FZS features much more organic styling over its previous counterpart and dropped some of its sportiness with the more utilitarian single piece seat. However, this version in packed with advance features such as EFI, ABS and LED lights. Giving this bike an edge over many of its competitors when it comes to safety. The price of the is a little on the high side at BDT 290,000, if one wants both Japanese brand recognition and performance, there isn’t really a better option in the market.

Honda CB Hornet CBS

The Hornet was released as the replacement of the much adored but somewhat bland looking CB Trigger. The Honda’s designers sought make the replacement more attractive that by incorporating aggressive corners, blocky fuel tank and an “X” shaped taillight to their design. The changed apparently worked, as the Hornet was an overnight hit among the consumers. Hornet was also the first bike to take advantage of the new increased CC limit, incorporating a 162.71cc engine that cranks out 14.88 Hp at 8500 RPM. The latest iteration the bike now features Combined Breaking System or CBS, giving its riders much more effecting stopping power. And with a BDT 186,800 price tag, it’s really a bargain for anyone who wants a cool but reliable bike.


The last generation of TVS Apache earned a bit of bad reputation among bikers for losing control at high speed. The combination of relatively thin tires with a powerful engine for its class meant the bike required a specific level of skill to ride it to its full potential. The new 4V addresses the control issue with a new subframe and thicker tires that not only allow its rider to remain in control but also to control it quite well. It also features a new engine, the new 159.7cc engine has four valves and outputs around 16.2 HP. Cosmetically, the 4V also borrows heavily from it racing cousin, giving it a sleek aggressive look very few bike could mimic.  With price starting at BDT196,900 it is a great choice for those who always fancied the RTR, but heisted because of their bad reputation.

Suzuki Gixxer SF DD

The Suzuki Gixxer has been a longtime favorite among both new and veteran riders. The bike features a perfect balance between look, performance and reliability.  The bike is effectively the smaller cousin of the Suzuki GSX-S1000 with its 14.9 cc engine makes around 14.5HP, a respectable figure from an engine of that size. Priced at BDT 189,990, it is in the perfect middle ground between its single disc and fared SF cousin and a sensible choice for anyone who wish have bal