Words: Syed Galib

Toyota FJ Cruiser

At first sight, the FJ Cruiser might seem silly, but it provides a remarkable amount of capability for off-roading. And it’s highly reliable and inexpensive to maintain, as with any other Toyota on the planet.

Land Rover Defender

The Defender is, and with good cause, almost as renowned as the Wrangler. It’s been around forever, with a straightforward style that is cherished by off-roaders. Plus, it looks terrific.

Land Rover Discovery

In favour of unibody structure, Land Rover’s newest Discovery ditches its predecessor’s ladder-frame, but it hasn’t gone entirely soft. The new Discovery is better off-road than any of its customers would ever know, largely due to Land Rovers’ smart off-road electronics and will definitely break your bank.

 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Yeah, pricing for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class begins at more than double the most expensive Wrangler, but with its off-road capability, there is no dispute. There are very few places where you can’t go with three locking differentials in a G-Wagen. The G-Wagen, like the Wrangler, is still a real classic.

Land Rover Range Rover

There is no car on the planet that offers such a compelling mix of luxury and serious off-road capability than the Range Rover. Of course, few who own these actually take them off road, but they’re missing out. It’s as good; if not better on loose surfaces than in Gulshan where Range Rovers are usually found.

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

Over 30 years after it first went into production, the Toyota 4Runner has modernized with the times, but it’s stayed true to its original concept. It’s one of the last truly old-school SUVs in an era where most of its competitors are more car than truck. Opt for the TRD Pro package and you get a locking differential, Fox Racing shocks, and some seriously mean looks.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Range Rover’s only true competitor is the Toyota Land Cruiser and its Lexus cousin, the LX. It’s big, comfortable, luxurious, and capable, thanks to all sorts of electronic off-roading features.

Suzuki Jimny

The Jimny, with its small size and heavy-duty underpinnings, has always been a fantastic off-roader. The new one is a bang for buck and can put up a good fight with the cars mentioned in this list