Partnership & Collaboration


A partnership is an indispensable approach at Turbine –because we believe in the power of collaboration and partnership to make things better. We work with partners committed to change, innovate, and help each other as a means of creating better content and making things happen in the automobile & bicycle industry in Bangladesh.

Below is a list of few specific partnership areas we are interested in. However, it does not mean that we are not interested in anything out of this list, we are. We are open to ideas, please reach out to us if you have one.

1. Launch Partnership: We are interested in Product/ Campaign launch partnership. If you are launching a car/bike/ bicycle or product or a campaign, please consider us as your partner.

2. Event Partnership: We partner with event [s] to bring in more attention and document the knowledge and experience that come out of a good event.

3. Content Partnership: Turbine content is available for a wide range of uses including a) Print, online media republication b) Subscriber & corporate newsletters. For information on approval for use of our content, please contact us.

4. Content Sponsorship: We partner with brands and organizations for co-publication, the publication of research, column, articles, infographic, and a wide range of content and ideas. Please contact us for more information.

We respond to all partnership inquiries within 24 hours. Email us: | Cell: +88 02 9678781378