Words & Photography: Saikat Roy

The Super Tuner Car Club planned a trip to Mawa in order to celebrate the 49th Victory Day with a fleet of about 20 cars with some cars pushing over 600horsepower!

It was only a decade ago that the road conditions of Bangladesh wasn’t in as good of a shape as it is now and owning a sports car, or a low car to be precise, was nothing less of a headache. One couldn’t even think of taking a low car outside the country’s capital thanks to a combination of humongous speedbumps, enormous pot holes, poor drainage system which made driving fast cars nearly impossible.

However, fast forward to 2020, the roads and highways have been drastically improved and the recently constructed Mawa Expressway is all that the tuner community of Bangladesh needed to unleash the full potential of their beloved vehicles. Hence, the sudden plan for a Mawa Run on the 16th of December 2020 to celebrate the country’s 49th Victory Day hosted by the Super Tuner car club.

 I woke up at 6:00am in the morning to head out to Gulshan-2 Circle which was apparently the meeting spot for the Victory Day Mawa Run. The sun still wasn’t out yet and the roads were foggy. As I was heading towards the Gulshan 2 Circle through the Kemal Ataruk avenue, I could see a whole lineup of cars parked right in front of me. The Super Tuner club consists of an immensely diversified range of cars and you could tell that from seeing the lineup that day. Ranging from Toyota MarkIIs to several generations of Civic Type Rs to even the mighty JDM legends such as the Toyota Supra MKIV and the Nissan GTR R35. A new MKV Toyota Supra could also be spotted among the large variety of cars.

It was only past 8:00am. The sun was up and the fog cleared. It was time that the cars started heading out towards Mawa Expressway. If I am not wrong, this is the first time ever that the GTR, Supras and all the elite tuner cars of Bangladesh went together on a drive during broad daylight.

Thanks to the 16th being a national holiday, the roads were much clearer with minimal traffic and the Super Tuner club barely had a relatively smooth drive reaching the Mawa Expressway toll booth. After passing the toll booth, all the cars were on their own. The destination was a parking space right after the roundabout at the end of the Expressway and it was a 25 minute drive from there.

Reaching the destination, the cars were parked accordingly based on generations and models for photoshoots and car talks between owners. The Type Rs took one side while the Supra duo parked beside each other. This was a JDM fanboy’s dream lineup and surely a sight to be seen.

After the photoshoot was done, all the cars headed back to Dhaka. This wasn’t the end though. All the cars headed towards Chef’s Table 100ft where owners would do breakfast. Seeing the lineup at Chef’s Table’s parking lot surely brought back memories from the Super Tuner Meet 3.0 which was held at that place exactly a year before. Although the members initially planned to host another meet this year which would have been Super Tuner Meet 4.0 but thanks to Covid and the new era of maintaining social distance, the plan had to be dropped. However, according to Wasi Uddin, one of the founding members of the Super Tuners car club, plans are being made to host another proper meet right after the Covid situation gets under control!