Street Lords In Bangladesh

Motorcycles are regarded as the transportation of choice of the youth. Their relatively lower price, cheaper maintenance costs and higher milage than cars make them a better choice for those who are always commuting alone or with just one passenger. Fast bikes have always captured every boy’s imagination at one time or another. Those who are finally considering buying a sporty bike for themselves, here are our pick of the best 5 sports motorcycles you can buy in Bangladesh.


Yamaha R15v3

Fully faired like the championship racing bikes, Yahama’s R15 series of motorcycles have been the choice of enthusiasts for quite some years now. The latest edition of this series is the V3. It is easy to see why this vehicle is dubbed the most sporty bike you can legally buy in the country. Touting a 155 CC capacity engine capable of delivering over 19 brake horsepower at 10,000 RPM and a maximum of 14.7 Nm of torque at 8500 RPM, this bike can easily reach over 145 kmph top speed. It features front and rear disk brakes, a monoshock rear suspension, VVA technology, and a milage of 30 km per liter. Fuel capacity is rated at 11 liters. The bike has a mass of 142 kgs. The only drawback is the price, a rather steep 5,25,000 taka.

Honda CBR 150 Dual Channel ABS

Honda’s answer to the R15 seems to be the CBR 150, specifically the dual channel ABS version. It too comes with a faired body and front and rear disk braking system with ABS for added safety. The engine capacity is rated at 150 CC, delivering 16.89 BHp at 9000 RPM and torque of 14.4 Nm at 7000 RPM. Top speed of this bike is also rated at 140 kmph. The bike looks very aggressive, in line with the performance figures. The suspension is also monoshock here, with a traditional fork in the front. Milage is rated at 40 to 45 kmpl, and fuel tank capacity is 12 liters. The bike itself weighs 135 kgs. Price is 4,25,000 taka.

KTM Duke RC125

KTM is a relatively newcomer to the Bangladeshi market, and the charge is lead by the Duke RC 125. Featuring looks quite unlike the Honda or Yamaha, the Duke RC125 has become a very handsome option for buyers looking for a sporty bike. The engine is 125 CC in capacity, with 14.5 bHp being delivered at 9250 RPM with maximum torque of 12 Nm at 8000 RPM. The bike features a fully flared look, with disk braking all around and monoshock rear suspension. It weighs 141 kgs and can reach a top speed of 120 kmph. Compared to the bigger capacity bikes in this list this may seem like a slower choice, which is made up for by it’s much better fuel economy of upto 50 kmpl. Fuel capacity is however a bit low, at 10.2 liters. Price is steep again, at upto 5,50,000 taka.

Suzuki GSX-R

This particular model has gained quite a lot of popularity in the country already. Featuring a distinctive blue color and large livery over the faired parts, many can be seen roaming the streets along with its non-faired Gixxer cousin. Outfitted with a 149 CC engine, it has 19.17 bHp at a screaming 11000 RPM, with 14 Nm of torque at 9000 RPM. Top speed is rated at 137 kmph, and the weight is just 131 kgs. The tank holds 11 liters, backed up by a fuel economy of 40 kmpl. Suspension is again monoshock at the rear and dual disk breaking is available. Price is 3,99,000 taka.

Taro GP 1

Compared to even KTM, Taro is a name that is only starting to get around the bike enthusiast community of this country. Featuring a very aggressive look, dark colors and livery, this bike might just gather a dedicated fanbase in the near future. The engine capacity is 155.2 CC, delivering 16.6 bHp at 9000 RPM. Maximum Torque is 14.5 Nm at 7000 RPM. It has the usual specifications, monoshock and fork combination suspension, dual disk brakes, 6 speed transmission like the rest. The major difference is while the rest of the bikes in this list is fuel injected, Taro has stuck with Carburettor for it’s bike. It weighs 150 kgs, reaches a top speed of 140 kmph, and does 40 kilometers per liter of fuel. The fuel tank capacity is 13.5 liters too. The price is 3,95,000 taka.