Small hatchbacks are getting more preferable for commuting; what is the secret?

 As time passes by, the number of vehicles getting registered in Bangladesh is on the rise. According to the 2019 statistics from BRTA, about 500,000 motor vehicles were registered and among these, 150,000 were passenger cars alone amongst buses and a huge number of motorbikes. Along these numbers, we can also see the traffic on the road worsen as the ratio of the number of cars to people increase. For these reasons and for the citizen with a small family on a tight budget, seeking out a small hatchback or a motorbike seems to be the go to choice. In this issue, we are going through some common hatchbacks and why these small cars have been the growing choice for flexible commuting in the city of Dhaka.

Why choose a hatchback over the celebrated choices like the Allion/Premio or a Corolla?

It is no surprise when seeking for a car in Bangladesh on a tight budget within 10-15 lac Taka, most people either go on the second hand market or, if the preference is for a reconditioned car, the options narrow down to hatchbacks automatically. Choosing a hatchback within these options could be a very rational choice, reconditioned or second hand due to their form factor; small and agile, making it the ideal combination for the crammed roads in Dhaka. Although these cars might struggle on longer drives, the fuel economy can totally make up for those lost points. Moreover, on paper hatchbacks have the same seating capacity like sedans even though fitting three people on the back seat could be a hassle, the option is there.

Efficiency has new standards.

With the exception of flaming hot hatches like the Ford Focus RS or the Suzuki Swift RS, Hatchbacks are quite efficient and could absolutely give you the run for your money. One strong contender could be the Toyota Aqua (known as the Prius C internationally), which is strictly made with fuel economy in mind where the form factor and the curb weight contributes including the hybrid engine setup. The Aqua with all these features under its belt provides almost 25kmpl inside the city which is almost in bike economy territory. The efficiency factors don’t just stop there. The smaller size also contributes in saving time. Swerving through the city on a smaller car could easily carve access to those roads which are tight and Google Maps just gets lost and does not re-route.

New tax brackets; bad news for everybody.

If you have been following the news or social media, you might have seen an outrage from people, over the inflation of tax brackets on cars and motor vehicles in general. This inflation of taxes would affect transportation and the amount of cars on the road as the amount of active vehicles could be effected over the coming years. But this change could be a yielding point for cars with smaller displacements and hatchbacks like the Toyota Vitz or the Hyundai i10, could be more common as they have a 1000cc engine and the AIT is more reasonable. Overall, hatchbacks being more common could be a newer movement, with the advantage of quicker commuting.

Conclusion;  should you get one?

If you have a small family or you are seeking for a car solely for personal use, getting a small hatchback is a no brainer. The smaller form factor can easily shave off a couple of minutes from your daily movement providing the advantage of carrying at least 4 people with ease. The smaller engine sizes could also go easy on your pockets, providing excellent fuel economy on the roads on most cases. Of course a sedan has more space and is a larger vehicle but that also comes with a price, as well. At the end of the day, the choice is of the consumer but getting a small hatchback for driving in the city is a sagacious choice within the plethora of cars in the market.