Bike security in Bangladesh has been a priority. People lock their tires and what not to keep their bikes from being stolen. Now, researchers developed a new system of security. This system notifies the owner if anyone, even so, touches the bike. Through mobile technology, the owner would be notified about the whereabouts of his bike and the condition it’s in.

Over the years, multiple tracking systems and systems similar technologies were brought up.  Now, Massachusetts based Company called Scorpio Alarms brought out this technology called “Core”. This will help prevent Bike theft.

As per the researchers, through their technology, the bike owners will get a notification the moment some as such touches their bikes. Both iOS and Android phones can install the Core Security System.  This system allows the owner to set up a module onto his/her bike. The module is powered by the bike battery.

This module monitors the charge status of the vehicle and sends a notification. If the bike gets stoles, it goes into emergency mode and generates a pin code. It also helps to track down the location of the bike.

Even if the bike battery is removed, it still gets power from a built-in auxiliary battery.