“Only women drive Scooters” – women taboo in TVS Scooter Club Bangladesh

In early 90s few scooter models were specially designed considering women in mind. But now a day most scooters are unisex both in concept and design.

TVS scooter club consider it as a misconception of masculinity that ‘big boys only drive bikes’. The thought is changing. The concept of masculinity has been silently undergoing a transformation over the last few years as males are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality. Codes of aspirations are shifting.

At another level, the appeal of fashion coupled with convenience offers a novelty to today’s consumers who have no reference to the old imagery of scooters. “Just as men don’t cry is a myth, boys don’t drive scooters is equally a myth.” Men pick the scooter for convenience, comfortability and style.

       Recognition and sustainability of the TVS Scooter Club  

This club is working closely with the TVS Auto Bangladesh. “We are working to increase the scooter sales in local market using our platform” – TVS Scooter Club admin said.

He added, “We collaborate with international scooter clubs of India and Nepal. We are planning to participate in international motorcycle conventions to represent our club and the country. In near future we will arrange a tri nation joint tour in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Now we have a temporary club office in Motijheel. However, in future, we would like to have our own club house”

 Scooter drivers’ ratio and who are attracted to

The scoter rider’s ratio is the highest in Dhaka that is likely 5 to 7%. However, it is increasing rapidly as people are looking for safe transportation in this pandemic situation.  Mostly the office going and well educated over 25 aged people are attracted to the scooters due to its comfortability and auto gear feature.

Club activities in brief

The club activities are briefly as follows:


  1. Address all kind of scooter related service issues with TVSAB and assist the users for faster solution
  2. Assist the scooter riders to get on spot scooter repair and home service by our selected mechanics in Dhaka
  3. Review service centers and recommend best for the scooters. We even arrange service camp for our registered members.
  4. Recognize and encourage our socially challenged scooter riders during our events
  5. Signature club day, members participate with their family.
  6. Working on women empowerment and encourage participation in club events and tours and engagement ratio is 30%
  7. Provide phone support to our club members and help.
  8. Arrange monthly meeting and event days.
  9. Formulate club rules and take decisions in the steering committee meeting where members can participate.
  10. Work in whole Bangladesh through moderating regional hubs in Chattagram, Sylhet, Rajshahi and Barishal.


  1. short day tours for scooter riders every one or two months.
  2. host many online based scooter related quiz and competitions.
  3. arrange at least one or two big parties yearly for the members
  4. are planning to arrange monthly road safety and awareness campaign.
  5. are going to arrange a Club Gala Night for the members in December.

Admin Panel

The club has a group of expert and knowledgeable admin & moderator panel who follows certain club defined rules and regulations. The current wolf pack consists of:

  1. Aich Pappu – Administrator
  2. Mahirul Alam Bhuiyan – Administrator
  3. Mohiuddin Zia – Head of Communications
  4. Mudassir Chowdhury – Head of Finance
  5. Arafat Banna – Head of Public Relations
  6. Isa Shukran – Head of Service
  7. Zahed Hossain – Head of Investment
  8. Oni Hossain – Head of Event Management
  9. Tushan Golam Morshed – Head of Digital Media

Dedication, transparency, leadership quality, relationship maintenance, productivity, enthusiasm, members’ participation and engagement, niche communication is considered as main strength.

In a conversation with the admins- “As most of you are professionals and occupied, how do you manage time for a scooter club”

“Is gets really hard but as scooter enthusiasts, managing this digital platform is a true passion and love for us. Still family comes first the we spend most of our remaining time in the club activities. Our club brothers are next to family”

“What are the feedbacks from members of TVS Scooter Club?”

The feedbacks are really positive. Our club membership is free of charge. Members feel happy when the club offers some discounts on TVS spare parts and services. We are working with TVSAB to initiate a club loyalty program for the members where they will get point based discount facilities through club membership card to the TVS service centers.

Members Comments:

Kaiser Uddin

I think the best thing about this group is that it’s a gentlemen’s’ group where people are not bullied or trolled like all other biking groups which also strengthens the unity of this group.. i hope that continues as the group grows larger.

 Parvez Quayum Tanim

Just a random search on fb, got to know this group (since I don’t had any scooter). My journey most probably 6~8 months with this group. I had absolutely no idea about this group. But when I first met for a tour, experience was awesome. Extremely cooperative, supportive and of course cordial. A candid approach but professional and matured enogh in terms of their attitude. The Admin, moderators are mind blowing. Hope to see this group will reach the pinnacle compare to orher groups. Best wishes

Mamunur Rashid

The most important and good side of this group is technical support regarding any problem that are facing scooter and scooty driver. All experienced members share their findings abt driving in the comments, which is too helpful for beginners. Above all club moderators are too cordial.

  1. Tell us any short interesting story regarding TVS Scooter Club? Ex. How you helped a user

Answer: At the beginning of our club” we got a unhappy scooter rider. He was actually the first person who came 30 minutes early to see us on the event place. His scooter mileage was very low. Out of frustration, he visited different service centers within a span of days. He said if we can solve his problem he will stay with our club otherwise he will sell the scooter immediately. This became a challenge. We dealt with him in a different way. He had very poor scooter maintenance knowledge. He visited several unauthorized service centers. In one of those centers his scooter’s race adjustment was altered. We showed him the root cause of his scooter’s problem. We immediately showed him how to tune the scooter race. He understood that it is very simple and the proper way to fix his problem. We then advised him to go to the nearest TVS service center and get his problem solved. As we know whenever the carburetor race is adjusted, it usually takes few days to get properly set. Hence do not  alter the race by an inexperienced mechanics. After having proper understanding on the root cause of his problem he was finally able to deal with the tricky mechanics.