Whiskey with car keys and handcuffs concept for drinking and driving

As per a Russian autonomous news source Kommersant, the ministry will consider fitting vehicles with start interlock gadgets which will obstruct the motor from turning on, if the resultant breath-alcohol concentration result is more than the programmed blood liquor focus.

Russia has a huge issue with alcohol abuse, which has been viewed as the essential as the massive amounts of deaths on roads–mostly drunk driving is to blame- a year ago, 17 000 individuals were killed in road accidents alone in Russia, contrasted with 1,870 in the UK.

Likewise, the EU reported a year ago that all vehicles delivered and sold on its domain will be fitted with start interlock gadgets; the law will come into power in 2022.

I don’t figure the new framework will work, on the grounds that as the 2016 US decisions demonstrated us, even the most secure framework on the planet can be hacked by Kremlin specialists, so they will figure out how to hack the interlock gadgets to get the ideal outcome.

As for Bangladesh, drinking isn’t legal unless you’re a foreigner or have specific licenses for drinking. The cause of road accidents takes place mostly due to other shortcomings on the rules and implementations of the laws. Therefore, a bill passing for vehicles to be fitted with this device is highly unlikely.