Runner’s Virtual Product Launch 2020

The local manufacturer has recently carried out an online launching ceremony for products that can be considered to be the first of its kind in the industry. With the release of a new digital platform, three new models have unveiled in the live broadcast held on Facebook recently.

Written By- Neehan Rashid   

Pictures: Runner and Motorcycle Valley

As the demand for motorcycles is increasing in Bangladesh, Runner, one of the biggest local bike manufacturer has recently carried out an online product launching ceremony for its customers. With a short less than an hour live broadcast on Facebook, the local marque has introduced a set of products which can be considered to be the first of its kind in the industry.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic many international automotive manufacturers have started providing services via a digital interface. Runner is the first local brand to join the trend with their new “Bike Care” app.  Designed solely to help, current and potential clients can do a lot by using the application. Starting from paying for their bikes through online payment platforms to applying for free driving lessons, there is so much that the new app offers. Other services that are housed in the digital interface includes- service schedules, product catalog, warranty details and online application forms for buying bikes on loan. Currently available for android users, customers can download the application from the Google play store.

Along with the release of the new digital platform, Runner has also listened to the  feedbacks of the customers in order to upgrade two of their best sellers- the Knightrider and the Bullet. The manufacturer has also unveiled a new scooter for the market known as the Skooty. One thing that the local brand did differently, is give each of their bikes a unique feature that differentiates them from the products that the other manufacturers are offering in the industry.

Starting with the Bullet which is the most powerful 100cc in the market, now has an upgraded version known as the Bullet V2 which has a new look and graphic design. The bike also has a new safety feature known as the “side stand engine lock” system which prevent riders from riding their bikes with their stand in use. This is not only the first of its kind in the industry but also prevents a rider from facing a serious accident.

The next in line would be the new Version 2 of the Knightrider. With the use of many racing elements which include a new shroud and engine guard, Runner has done a lot to improve the aggression of the bike. However, this isn’t where they stopped. Listening to the frequent demands of the customers, they have even used a dual disk braking system with a 220mm rear rotor for the safety of the riders. A new clutch mated with a 5 speed transmission, has also been used to add to the comfort segment of the bike. This is why most riders consider Runner motorcycles to be “hyper-smooth”.

The last product introduced in the virtual ceremony was the brand new Skooty. Made for both males and females, this is a scooter that has been designed to be easy to ride and be multipurpose. With a high ride height and a disk brake system consisting of 160mm rotors, the highest utilized in a scooter, label it as the safest and comfortable in its own category. After all the products were unveiled, the launch ceremony was concluded with a short tour video of the manufacturer’s plant.