Razia Sultana Lina or more commonly known as RS Lina, is the top biker of Bangladesh. Now, those who ride will justify that riding is an emotion. RS Lina is no exception to that emotion.

Starting her journey back in 2006, she has come a long way. “Starting off I had to face a lot of abuse, being a female biker.” She says. “Back when I started I was totally uncommon for women to ride bikes. Especially in a place like Khulna” According to her. People nowadays have come to terms with the fact that women ride bike too. But back then it was unheard of. Places like Khulna could not even bring themselves to imagine something as such.

“Every time, during the evening, I would go to one of my friend’s house to study. I would park my scooter nearby the house. Coming out after finishing studies, I would find spit all over my scooter. People would spit all over it when I was not looking. So I would just clean everything up and be on my way.” She further told. This just goes to show how much she loved riding. Despite all the harassment, teasing she never gave up.

Lina fell in love with riding at childhood, her father would take her on rides to buy groceries and other necessities. The sensation, the feeling everything caught on and she never gave up ever since. Her father owned a Honda Roadmaster.

During her 2016 bike tour, the harassments in public transport came into light. This gave her the idea of forming a group consisting of all the female bikers of Bangladesh. One of the organizations she is associated with, Creative Minded BD provided free-riding training to women. They were the first ones in Bangladesh who took up the initiative. They managed to train up to 107 riders.

“Whenever I’m feeling down or sad I feel like I should go on a tour. My house is near Hatirjheel, but when I’m sad or under pressure, I just cruise around Hatirjheel to blow off steam.” Expressed Lina. She rides her sorrow away.

Initially, Lina is a biker, then she leads the biggest female biker group in Bangladesh, thirdly she is In-charge of ACI Motors Bangladesh. She plans on representing the female biker scene of Bangladesh on a global scale. Let everyone know of this existence.

“If you look closely there are a lot of city bikers in the country. They are afraid to step out. So in our group, the primary thing to maintain is security. We look into security, even I personally try to keep tight security so that no harm comes to the fellow riders” said Lina.

Razia Sultana Lina, all in all is an inspiration to all the women in Bangladesh. The hardship she went through, the struggles, and the feats she has accomplished is no joke. She is deserving of the title Lion Heart for facing her struggles head-on.

Lina currently rides a Yamaha Street Rally. She plans on getting the Yamaha XSR 155cc upon release. She plans on keeping both her current scooter and the new one, she will get. The expected price of the Yamaha XSR BDT 5,25,000/-


Words: Navid Hossain , Photography : Razia Sultana Lina