Words: Afrin Kazi, Photography: Courtesy

“It’s more like a piece of art on wheels rather than a Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes G-Wagon has always been a staple in the world of luxurious SUVs. Having a rugged, boxy exterior and a plush, comfortable interior, the G wagon has been one of the most popular and well-desired cars on their line of vehicles. This year the G wagon completes its 40th year of production and to celebrate that, Mercedes introduces us with a collaboration with Virgil Abloh; CEO of OFF-WHITE and creative director of Louis Vuitton, to produce an exclusive one of one G wagon designed by Virgil Abloh alongside with chief design officer Gorden Wagener. Keep reading to find out what is different and special about this piece of art in wheels.

Who is Virgil Abloh?

Virgil Abloh is one of the most sawed after modern-day fashion designers, mostly known for his deconstructed approach to the items he makes and the quotes he puts the designs. OFF WHITE has had collaborations with many fashion brands, but the most notable collab is the one with Nike where the OFF WHITE x Air Jordan 1 gained massive popularity. Apart from Nike, OFF WHITE has had collabs with Converse, Jimmy Choo, and Ikea just to name a few.The OFF-WHITE G Class

The inspiration for this particular G Class comes clearly from a racecar. The car does not bear any traditional door handles but instead, you have to pull down a strap to open the doors. The car also has taped headlights, NASCAR styled net over windows, and oversized wheels. Going over the side-mounted exhaust, the inside is stripped down to its roots with blue accented roll bars in the car. The steering wheel is not exactly a wheel but a race car style steering with buttons essential for vehicle tweaking without taking your hands off. Other than that, the seats are DTM race bucket seats and that’s about it. The G-Wagon also has no side mirrors and baby blue accented safety features of the car which makes this a “RACECAR” but in a certain big form factor.

What inspired the OFF WHITE x Mercedes Benz Collab?

The most prominent purpose of this collaboration is the unification of fashion and automotive culture as a whole. Virgil Abloh also made the statement that this is luxury reimagined. Not exactly the best example of Luxury as this G-wagon is stripped to the bone but the target market is on the high fashion side by the quirkiness of the car. It’s is more like art on wheels rather than a Mercedes-Benz.

Verdict; My opinion

In a world of hypebeasts and kids who could buy bricks with just “Supreme”, the OFF WHITE G-Wagon has a rather special spot in fashion and the automotive world. The g wagon already being a popular car in pop culture might also spew a new interest in cars among the kids following celebrities and brands like OFF-WHITE. The target customer for this art piece on wheels though is nobody as the unit is not actually for sale but if you wanted a piece of it, there is a 1:3 replica model for sale which has been said to generate about 90k-100k USD. For that price though, you could get a second-hand G wagon easily. Not in Bangladesh but somewhere else in the world.