People of Bangladesh are extremely aspirational


People of Bangladesh are extremely aspirational

Milind Bade, Vice President of Bajaj International, came to Bangladesh last month to introduce the launch of the new version of the Bajaj NS-160, now equipped with Fuel injection and Anti-Lock Braking system. During the event, the Turbine team approached him to ask a few questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Milind Bade, I’m the Vice President of Bajaj International. I’m an avid biker, I have had around seven bike till date. I’m very passionate about what I do and I have ridden in 7-8 countries. Academically I’m did my bachelors in Mecanical Engineer and my masters in Marketing. After that I worked on various place like Uniliver, Vodaphone and now Bajaj which I’ve been with for a long time. I started at Bajaj at the Chief marking officer of Indian section but was later was promoted to International section. Seven months back I have moved onto the business side of things and now look after the business sector of South Asia and Middle East.

What do expect from Bangladesh market?

Like any other brand, we want to be a company that is respected and loved by people.  And therefore we offer the best within our ability to meet the need of the Bangladeshi customers.

What is your study on the market in Bangladesh?

I think people of Bangladesh are extremely aspirational, especially the youth.  They want the best of what the technology can offer, weather it is mobile phone, car or motorcycle. They seek the best and are not hesitant to spend for it.

How big is Bajaj in Bangladesh?

Bajaj Auto enjoys a market share of 40% in Bangladesh. This makes us the market leader across all three of our offered segments: commuter, utility and sports.  Sport is the most important for us as it represent the third of our total market share and is growing at the very high rate.

What is your opinion about the CC limit of Bangladesh’s market?

I think it is the law of the land. I’m sure the Government of Bangladesh has put that law through after much consideration. So I respect their decision. Bajaj always tries to provide the best without upsetting the law of the land.

Why should people buy Bajaj?

Bajaj offers a very good mix of performance and value. If you see the features we are providing, such as fuel injection, ABS, perimeter frame, underbelly exhaust, 4 valve etc, these are features are not available in most motorcycle offered in Bangladesh. In fact, I can say with confidence that most of the other bikes don’t even have half of these.  So in conclusion, I say Bajaj offers their customer’s a unique position in terms of performance and given value.

After sale service is a key for any motor corporation. How do think Bajaj handles its service in Bangladesh?

We have the single largest service center footprint in Bangladesh. I do not recall the exact number, but we our footprint is 30-35% larger than our closest competitor. So any of our customer faces and issue with their bike, help is right around the next door!

What are Bajaj’s future plans for Bangladesh’s market?

We will continue to invest in this market, we’ll continue to try and understand the needs of this market, we’ll continue to cater those needs with product solution like the Fi-ABS and strengthen our position as a competitor.

What do you think about Bangladesh and its people?

I think Bangladesh is a very hospitable country but there is one thing that stood out to me. in the last few years I have been in 30-31 countries, which involved meeting a lot of people of various profession. And I have never met such buoyant set of people. People here are very buoyant about their future, and weather is the Platina, Discover or Pulser user, everybody believes that everybody beliefs that the today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today. And I think this hope, buoyancy and aspiration is very remarkable.

Do you have any tips or advice for the younger generation?

I think if you find yourself a path to advance that is not to your preference, you should travel on that anyway as you might be positively surprised where it can take you.