It was March 2015. Hussain M. Ilias who holds an MBA degree in Marketing from North South University, while Sifat Adnan graduated from Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. These two young men thought of doing something on their own without running after a typical 9-5 job.

They started working with delivering on a small scale to make the idea a reality. Two-wheeled bicycles would go home and deliver documents. This is exactly the story of the launch of the popular ride-sharing company we know today, ‘Pathao’. At one point two friends thought of launching a two-wheeled motorcycle service. Motorbikes will easily transport passengers from one place to another. This will save time on one hand, on the other hand, passengers would not have to spend much on transport.

The three along with Fahim being one of the members started making apps with local developers. After creating the application, for the first time in the capital, they launched the smartphone-based motorbike service ‘Pathao’. This service was launched in November 2016. Starting from the bottom, these three young entrepreneurs are now worth over 100 million USD–which is a unique record for the youth of Bangladesh. They started the business with only three bicycles.

The company, which now provides bike, car and food services through the app and has also started its operations in Nepal since 2018 only for bike and last year, they introduced car services as well. As a local ride-sharing startup, this is the first time that an organization has started operations abroad.