Nirvana Of Sports-Biking

Yamaha Yzf R15 V2.0

The question posed in the introduction to this story may seem uncalled for. After all, the R15 V2.0 is better-looking, more powerful, more equipped. Crucially it is faster. But has its evolution come from a sense of performance-oriented righteousness? Or has it emerged, instead, from a sense of catching-up-to-do?

Let’s leave some opinions on the details of this attractive motorcycle. This is the second generation of the R15, with the first-ever model having launched way back in 2008.

And, a decade later, what do we have in the name of evolution? We often find saying looks are subjective but we think the R15 V2.0 warrants universal agreement on its styling. It’s terrific and, more importantly, a balanced overall design. Previous R15s have been underwhelming in some aspect, but this one is a job completed perfectly.

With a new design and blue-core engine, R15 V2.0 is more aggressive than the previous version. Yamaha had developed an ultimate lowest-capacity-racer under the shadow of the legendary model. From the beginning, this model carried the racing DNA, that is YZF.

This bike has a 149cc powerful engine which can run around130 km/h speed on the road. And its approximate fuel consumption is about 42 km/l.

Its razor-sharp killer design with some extreme curves made it impressive. It has a real track-oriented racing machine. Also, its split seat, uplifted fuel tank, 3 step handlebar gives it a stunning look. Its fuel tank can carry 12-litre fuel. Its Delta Box type chassis give stunning sporty look.

That is what any known bike lover will say at first glance. It has been more than a year since the R15 V2.0 was launched and it still gets long stares at a set of lights.

Moreover, if you are wearing your entire gear, you will be grabbing so much attention that you will want to fly away instantly. The most prominent surgery required for the R15 V1 was at the rear because it looked like a commuter at the rear and sports bike at the front.


However, the R15 V2.0 got new LED tail lights, fatter rubber, long license plate holder and the long beefy aluminium swing arm, all of which stand true to the supersport name and design. It is a complete stunner. Disregarding the cubic capacity, they want a short spin to experience the “sports bike feels”.

The switchgear is of high quality. The speedometer looks racy and the white backlit is the best choice in our opinion. The bike comes with a temperature gauge rather than a temperature bar. Though both are equally good, we prefer the bar readings.

The engine is very aggressive. Whether it is sound or the pull, it is very engaging and satisfying when redlining or riding enthusiastically.

Dynamics of the Yamaha R15 are mind-blowing. The motorcycle responds extremely fast to steering inputs, thanks to the clever rake and trail setup. The bike turns in crisply and fast.

The R15 is very rich when it comes to feedback. The motorcycle gives feedback to every rider input. Whether it is the front-end feel, the rear tyre feedback or the highly talkative brakes, it just talks to the rider and the rider needs to listen and improve his skills.

The longer wheel-base of 1345 mm, mature suspension setup and the extremely capable chassis makes turning the R15 into corners a delight.

It offers much more confidence than before and it tauter too. Even a newbie can corner the R15 at redline, such is the capability of the chassis.

However, it is not as light and agile as the previous version. The tyres played an important role.

The brakes are spectacularly good with feel from the levers. The strong front brakes shed a huge amount of speeds insanely quick and the new bigger 220 mm rotor at the rear is so well calibrated that it does most of the job at low and medium speeds.


Rear-View mirrors are wide enough and do an excellent job to show what is behind.

Distance to empty is an excellent feature, shows exactly how many km you can do once the reserve bar starts blinking. Dragging the bike up to the very last sip of fuel is not recommended.

The speedometer unit is inclined downwards, a bit of caution while checking the speedo while riding. The vents in the fairing are not there to store the cleaning cloth.


Okay, enough talk. Let’s get out of the pit lane! Out on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, the R15 initially came across as borderline edgy. The aggressive turn-in is immediately noticeable and given the even more committed riding position, we thought Yamaha had severely narrowed down its target audience to freshly-licensed, skinny lads with a dim view on social etiquette. The Yamaha YZF-R15 is undoubtedly a bike meant for keen riders out there

Yamaha, a brand of Japan, is solely marketed by ACI Motors.

What’s Cool

* Stunning Looks
* Supreme Handling
* Composed Ride and Stability
* Nirvana of sports-biking

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 Specifications

* Engine: 149.8 cc, Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve, Liquid Cooled
* Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injected
* Maximum Power: 17 PS @ 8500 RPM
* Maximum Torque: 15 Nm @ 7500 RPM
* Transmission: 6-speed Manual
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Suspension: Telescopic Forks (Front), Linked Type Monocross (Rear)
* Tires: 90/80/17 (Front), 130/70/17 (Rear)
* Brakes: Hydraulic, Single Disc (Front & Rear)

Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0 Dimensions

* Overall Length x Width x Height: 1970 mm X 670 mm X 1070 mm
* Wheelbase: 1345 mm
* Ground Clearance: 160 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 12 liters
* Kerb Weight: 136 kg