Written by- Ayman Raakin 

Sometimes after a long day of working tirelessly, hour after hour, all you really need is a few moments, cruising down the empty streets, deep into the night, while the bright traffic lights fog your vision, to clear your mind. The sweet melancholy of driving at a time when the whole city sleeps is too beautiful to give up. However, one of the essential things you need to accompany you on this venture is music.

“A late-night drive is incomplete and soulless without a well-curated playlist, that shares the same vibe, alongside it.”

This playlist is what represents those dreamy, melancholic and sentimental moments you share with just your car, in the depths of those wee little hours.


 Onie – The Electric Prunes

This should be the first song that you play when you get into the car, to get an instant rush of the calming night that awaits you. It is a song from a forgotten time but manages to retain its magic to this very day.


 Gimme Love – Joji

This song is relatively new, but the vocal harmonies and the driving drumbeat is the perfect accompaniment to the blurry mild orange lamps of Gulshan and the absence of traffic on the usually crowded Banani streets.


 Midnight – Coldplay

Need I say more? One of Coldplay’s recent masterpieces. The arpeggiated chords haunt your mind in a surreal way and the heavy reverb gives you that space you desire.


 All I Need – Radiohead

Ah, In Rainbows, Radiohead’s finest piece of work in my opinion. All I Need is that song from the album that refuses to leave your mind. The words, melody, instrumentation, everything just comes together so perfectly.


 Apocalypse – Cigarettes After S*x

Reverb drenched guitar with a subtle shimmer, cloudy synth chords, a less is more approach to the drums and an accompanying bass line. Perfect for reflecting on old flames as the soft wind embraces you at mild speed.


 Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

If things seem to be slowing down too much, this is the ember needed to re-light the fire. An unforgettable chorus that is impossible to not sing along to and a beautiful guitar melody is more than enough.


  White Ferrari – Frank Ocean

I may be opinionated but my heart says that this song and album is one of the best releases in the past decade. It fills all the required necessities of the atmosphere on a late-night drive.


 Edge of Desire – John Mayer

To keep the momentum going, a classic John Mayer song is all you need. This is the guitar god at his peak.


 Fallen – Jaden Smith

More of a sunset song, but fits the nature of beauty found in emptiness during the night.


505 – Arctic Monkeys

This song can single-handedly boost your adrenaline with the slightly overdriven guitars and heart-racing drums and get you pumped to push that pedal to the metal.


Eventually – Tame Impala

A taste of synth-driven heaven from the hands of Kevin Parker himself. Tame Impala has always been and will be a staple for any sort of drive.


  Nights – Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s second appearance on this playlist, but this song is too fitting for the vibe to skip.


 Amy – Ayman Raakin

A song from one of Dhaka city’s own young artists.  The mysterious reverb-drenched intro and then the sudden hard-hitting chorus is perfect for the middle of your late-night drive.


 Ryd – Steve Lacy

Sweet, sweet RnB drenched with soulful vocals and melodies with a modern twist. To slow down the rush from the last few songs.


 Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

A return to the stadium pop-Esque sounds of Coldplay and U2. Ambient guitar with delay and strong vocals to light up your journey back home.


 Obosheshe – Indalo

Indalo, one of the pioneers of modern Bangla music, made this calming song which makes you want to stop for a moment, look at stars and just think.


 Fearless – Pink Floyd

A classic from the ’70s from everyone’s favourite psychedelic rock band. Perfect for starting that final stride when it’s time to go home.


 You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

Another classic from the decade of true rock. One last adrenaline boost towards home.


 Chamber of Reflection – Mac Demarco

A song you listen to on the road near home. The drive has you burned out and all tired. The adrenaline has left your body. The ambience is what you crave at this moment. This song has exactly that.


 This Old Dog – Mac Demarco

The drive is almost over. This song winds you down and you realize that you could finally clear your head. Next stop is the bed.


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