Words : Ashfiruna Zaman ; Photography : Courtesy

Motorcycle – The first-ever category to cross the benchmark. It was not widespread a decade ago as Motorbikes have become the household name now. To date, around 2,929,404 has registered. Once the Hero Honda Karizma was thriving but it could not meet the mass expectations or satisfy the biking experience. On the other, hand Pulsar was able to diminish hunger.

If we look back to the pavilion of the 20th century, Yamaha RX 100, Deluxe 100, Honda CDI 100, and CG 125 were reigning hearts though the credit goes to the precision of engine and elegance. The engine that has been built by Japan is almost unbeatable. After years of being cached in the garage still, the Japanese engines can convey the same performance.

According to BRTA, registered motorcycles have increased from around 759,257 to a total of 2,929,404. From 2011 to 2019, the motorbike industry encountered massive growth. BRTA witnessed a 350 percent two-wheeler registration increase. The industry has faced a decrease after 2011. After the wave, the number grew in 2014 and appeared within 90,685.

The game-changing year was 2015, which refers to the rapid growth of 265 percent. The number increased to around 240,358. That is the year when motorcycles started to thrive on the streets of Bangladesh. The registered number kept increasing from 2015 and still swelling. In 2019, the amount was 406,897. This 2020 year would have been remarkable in terms of surpassing the previous ones. Unfortunately, Covid-19 affected the overall situation.

Motorcycling is a trend

Among the millennials, motorbikes have been a fashion, choice, and style to keep. On top of that, these vehicles are more convenient in the streets of Bangladesh.

However, motorbike registration started to emerge more after Pathao and Uber appeared in Bangladesh’s market back in 2016. The ride-sharing system turned in to a source of additional income. In contrast of aiding transportation cost, the Uber and Pathao influenced many people to buy motorcycles.  Following the steps, the ride-sharing platform became a catalyst towards motorcycle rise.

The Business Standard spoke to members of a motorcycling community – Moto Lab BD. The Founder, Yaseen S Islam, said, “Compared to any other vehicle, motorcycles are faster, and the cost effectiveness is very high as well. The craze among people of all ages illustrates how the community is growing at such a high pace.”


In the future, it can be projected the motorbikes will reign more hearts someday.