The Mercedes Club Bangladesh decided to host a meet at Chef’s Table Courtside, 100ft, while maintaining Covid protocols but still ensuring a great show.

Mercedes was always a popular luxury car brand here in Bangladesh with even the government officials using Mercedes ever since the country got independent. Even the Prime Minister of the country uses a completely bulletproof ‘specced’ up variant of a G-Wagon.

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of Mercedes-Benz that can be spotted in the streets thanks to the newer models being available in hybrid variants. This made buying a Mercedes more affordable in Bangladesh’s context than it was ever before. Now, there is actually a proper Mercedes-Benz Club in Bangladesh founded by Mr. Khondker Mandood Ahmed. On Friday, December 11th 2020, the club decided to host a meet maintaining all the corona virus protocols such as wearing masks and keeping social distance.

The meet was held at Chef’s Table courtside (which became a popular place for car meets these days) and started at 2:15pm. But before that, all the owners met at Gulshan 2 dead end and drove together to the meet location. It was definitely breathtaking to see a lineup of only Mercedes cars and almost all the classes of cars were present. Starting from the C Class to all the way up to a marvellously painted blue G-Wagon. In my opinion, the G-Wagon stood out the most along with Mr. Mandood’s classic Mercedes 200 from the 80s. Other than that, some other notable mention includes a red 2018 E Class with a factory M/T. Definitely a rare sight especially on modern cars these days.

Overall, the meet was amazing. Had it been any other year, there would’ve at least been over thirty plus cars. Now, since maintaining social distance is the new norm, many people couldn’t show up or stay for long. Hopefully, the next Mercedes meet will be an even better one with more cars showing up.