Mercedes Benz Slc 180 Amg The Roadster Range

Convertibles have always been in style ever since they went into production in the early part of the 1900s. Today I am writing about one such stylish and performance-oriented convertible, the brand-new Mercedes Benz SLC 180 AMG.

A style icon of its own! The name for the convertible car is fairly self-explanatory. but it indicates a car manufactured with a flexible roof that can be opened or closed before driving. Convertibles are also labelled by manufacturers as Roadster (two-seater), Cabriolet, Tourer, Drophead Coupe, Drop Top and Ragtop. Particularly, this vehicle is an ultimate Roadster with an automatic retractable hardtop and is garnished all around with AMG rims and AMG body styling package.

In terms of performance, this sleek beauty is not far behind with specs of1.6L Turbocharged Straight 4 engine, rear-wheel drive, 9-G-Tronic transmission,184 lb/ft of torque,154 Horsepower, 225/40/R18, 245/35/R18 Continental Contisport Contact Tires.

This car is the successor of the very famous Mercedes SLK to date. It is the most popular hardtop convertible ever sold and inspired other manufacturers like Audi and BMW to get into the hardtop convertible market. SLC 180 AMG is the last of its kind as Mercedes is moving into the 4 seaters convertible direction more.

Its 2019 model got a slight facelift, whereas the first SLC to hit the market was in 2014. With its sleek design language, the car doesn’t look as big in the pictures. The sculpted-hood design tagged along with the AMG styling package. And the rims give the car immense road presence with the signatory 3-star Mercedes emblem at the front. It came up with a staggered rim setup since it’s a rear-wheel drive, compounded with high-performance contact tires with very less road noise.

With Keyless entry and all modern amenities, this vehicle no lacks. It has got a nice finishing touch because of its wrap-around taillights and the protruded trunk. The interior is plush with leather seats and brushed aluminium on the panels. Mercedes has left a retro feel on the interior with the AC vents mimicking their original Gullwing Mercedes. The interior feels very premium and they have done a good job at the interior being user-friendly.

The key factor is the realism of this convertible, usually, convertibles are impractical but not the SLC. It has enough boot space for two pieces of luggage on the roof. The car has got 5 drive settings: Economic, Individual, Sport, Sport Plus, and Comfort.

Since this car is equipped with AMG dynamic handling package, the suspension adapts to the driving modes respectively. Fuel economy depends on how a driver drives it. My experience has found 10 km to the litres and 17 km on the highway.

The AMG steering wheel gives you a good feel while driving in the Sport and Sport Plus mode where the steering becomes stiffer for better high-speed drives. The Checkered Pattern on the dials gives you a sports look and turned it into a performance-oriented vehicle.


In Sports Plus mode, the vehicle does crackle and burble on downshifts or upshifts, gives you goosebumps. Also, the exhaust note is fed through the speakers inside the car. The only drawback I found; the roof operation can do only when the car is on a standstill.

So far, with this practical car, any regular driver will enjoy its driving. It is available for purchase at Car House Limited for 99 lacs and comes with a 1-year warranty with 3 free services.

Everyone will remember the first ride with it. Hitting the open road with the top down, the wind- blowing in your hair, is a rare experience to forget.

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 Engine:  1.6 L, 115kW  
                Transmission: Manual/Auto  
                Power: 156 Hp  
                Torque: 250Nm  
                0-100 Kmph : 8.4sec  
                Top Speed: 225.3 kmph