Join us as we sit down for an interview with Ahsanul Kabir Khan, one of the founders of Knight Rider


Tell us about yourself

From a very young age, I have always been involved with cars. I finished my higher studies in business but I was never interested in business. I was always passionate about cars. I was always into modding cars and Need for Speed played a huge role, from big speakers inside the trunk to under-glows it had over the top modifications. Slowly the car scene in Chittagong started to evolve, so my brothers and I thought about opening a garage. We then bought a small workshop in 2016 and now we have a 6000sqft workshop. In 2017 we did our first conversion; we converted a gx100 to a jzx100. The name Knight Rider was given by my elder brother referring to the infamous TV series with David Hasselhoff.


What products/ services do you offer?

We work on a membership basis. We have 3 types of membership: Gold, Platinum, and Silver. From AC diagnostics to you name it, we do everything. We also started working on Hybrids recently. If you buy a car from our showroom you instantly become a member, all the members get a 10% discount in our workshop. We opened the showroom recently. We want to establish Knight Rider as a portal for everything from service, buying a car, to modding. We are also planning on opening a rental service.

What problems do you face?

“…selling at a low price, the market value of the car decreases putting other dealerships at loss.”

Our government is discouraging importing cars as there are already too many cars on the road. The costs are increasing and it is getting difficult day by day. Some dealers sell the cars that have been sitting for a long time at a loss just so that they can clear space but after selling at a low price, the market value of the car decreases putting other dealerships at loss. There is also a lot of competition.


What are the solutions?

“…cars are no longer a luxury goods…they have become a necessity now.”

The government should realize that cars are no longer a luxury goods but they have become a necessity now. They can lower the tax and the duty on cars that have small engines, it will encourage people to buy cars that have low carbon emissions. They can also introduce good public transports.


What are your future plans?   

We want to start producing electric cars in Bangladesh; this is the ultimate goal for us. We plan on opening a rental service, bring in brand new European cars.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to get into the automobile business?

If you want to start a business based on cars, I would suggest they stay 100% dedicated because if you are not giving it your everything you cannot achieve anything halfheartedly. You need to always be involved and stay true to yourself.