The Civic TypeR FD2 which might just be the best Civic TypeR ever made

Sheran Islam is sharing his opinion on the Civic TypeR FD2 which might just be the best Civic TypeR ever made

What should you expect?

Generally, Hondas are super reliable and the k20 engine is bulletproof. However, if you increase the power, there is a lot of wheel spin and it’s harder to control the car plus there is no electronic help but ABS. You need full synthetic 5w 40 motor oil for sustaining every 3000 km (or 1500 km if you are driving hard). You will need to clean the injectors for this car per 3000 km with the Liqui Moly injection mold cleaner.  The car rarely breaks down and the k20 will handle it even if it has poor fuel.

Why you should get one?

It’s the vehicle for you if you want something real and explosive. It’s an absolute track monster basically a race car with number plates. It is also quiet and efficient when powered gradually. The energy saving is also above normal. This car is one of the most straightforward steering racks and actually you can feel it all on the road. The middle vagueness is zero. The driving experience is fantastic and the engine is completely phenomenal. The driving experience is amazing and I highly advise you to buy this vehicle. Heritage and honor. You know a Honda is special if it has a real type r badge. It is a symbol of exclusiveness and performance. Plus it is appreciating in value as it was produced in limited numbers.

Must do upgrades:

Get a full titanium exhaust. A cold air intake also really enhances the driving experience as well as power. It gives the Vtec Bridge more clarity and it changes the car completely. A lighter flywheel so the car will rev faster. An aftermarket ecu such as k pro or hondata. Semi slick tires such as Advan Neovas. You should NOT touch the suspension as it is perfect. The brakes need to upgraded if you increase the power. The only thing on my list is new rotors and calipers. I would recommend making the engine freer rather than pressurizing it. Install parts that will enhance your driving experience. In the end this is Bangladesh there is no point sitting in traffic with 1000bhp.

Possible modifications:

The only possible modification I would suggest is to get aftermarket rotors and calipers. Maybe wider tires too. Otherwise the car is perfect as is.

Words: Syed Galib

Pictures: Ayan Rahman Khan