Maserati teases a new compact SUV, named Grecale

During the reveal of the 2021 Maserati MC20, the Italian automaker’s upcoming flagship supercar, they consequently announced the Grecale, a new compact SUV sitting right below the Levante.

Using the word announced wouldn’t be truthful, as Maserati did not uncover any valuable information, so teaser would be more like it. It makes sense considering the spotlight was meant to be on the luscious MC20.

As far as we know, the Grecale will be built at the Cassino plant in Italy alongside the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, leading many to believe that the SUV will share components with the Stelvio, although a Maserati spokesman has reportedly refused to comment on it.

If we speculate further, it wouldn’t be wrong to expect Maserati’s recent Trofeo treatment to extend onto the Grecale, meaning a 3.8litre Ferrari V8 will power the SUV. Maserati has stated previously that they plan on making a shift to hybrid and electric powertrains alongside the traditional ICE ones, so those choices are not out of the equation.